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Sports illustrated has been blessed with a remarkably idiotic writer. Mr. Jon Heyman just wrote an article entitled "future earnings", in which he ranked the top 20 free agents available this offseason, and what he believes they will make. I am not here to disagree with his earning predicitions, because I am no expert on the value of baseball players. However, the way he assembled this list makes me question whether or not he knows what the hell he is talking about.

Link- http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/writers/jon_heyman/11/08/scoop.thursday/index.html

This extremely thin free-agent class consists of Alex Rodriguez followed by mainly B-teamers. Yet, with most teams flush with cash, don't expect too many great bargains.

If they are B-teamers, what in the hell makes them bargains? More importantly, what the hell is a B-teamer? Right from the start, you have me utterly confused and ashamed of myself for reading this.

Specifically, after A-Rod the market features three prime center fielders (Torii Hunter, Andruw Jones and Aaron Rowand), a couple other longtime Yankees stars (Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera), an interesting reliever or two (Francisco Cordero), a few solid though not spectacular starters (Carlos Silva, Livan Hernandez and Kyle Lohse) and a bunch of middling or bit players, plus the usual smattering of aging former stars.

Ahhhh, I understand B-teamers so much more now. Jorge Posada, what a slouch. He could only muster a .338 AVG, .426 OBP, and .543 SLG. I knew he wasn't A-team, I just couldn't figure out where to place him. Thanks for clearing that up.

Side Note: You stated "an interesting reliever or two", and then proceeded to name only Francisco Cordero. Isn't that "interesting reliever", without the plural "two"?

As one baseball executive put it, the list features mostly Scott Boras clients and late bloomers, as teams have made a concerted effort to lock up their most valued commodities. There are several ways to assess the lack of depth and talent of the free-agent class, but perhaps Indians general manager Mark Shapiro said it best: "My reaction to the free-agent market is, I'm glad we're not in it.

I don't really get what you're trying to say here, but I will assume that you're saying, "this free agent class blows". Thanks for wasting that much more of my time puzzling my brain with that nonsense.

1. Alex Rodriguez. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah The greats usually get 30 percent more than you'd guess, so I'm moving it up from my late-season prediction of $256 million for eight years.
What's the deal? 10 years, $320 million.

Where in the hell did you get this useful stat, Mr Heyman? For you're analysis to be true, every single person who guessed would have to have said 8 years, 256 million. What I'm thinking is that you're original prediction was 30% less than what most experts are saying now, and not being one yourself, you are simply following suit. I'm not even positive that 320 is 30% higher than 256, but I will not waste my time figuring out such an idiotic statment. Booooooooooo

2. Torii Hunter. Superb season was timed perfectly for one of baseball's best people.

Torii Hunter is the second best free agent due to the fact he is one of baseball's "best people". If you don't have the full list, see "baseball's best people", by Jon Heyman. It's currently ranked number infinite on amazon.com.

Anyway, on to why Hunter isn't the second best free agent. In 2007, his OBP was .334, which by the way, is below league average. Not to mention he walked only 40 times, compared to 101 strikeouts. Wow, what a banging player, I would love him on my team. NOT!

4. Aaron Rowand. Great chemistry guy

BAM! You used the whole "chemistry" technique. This isn't football or basketball. These guys don't need to play on even keels at all times to win. Baseball is the most individual of all major team sports, there is no such thing as chemistry.

5. Jorge Posada. Has the Yankees where he wants them. They're offering three years but have to wonder if maybe, just maybe, he'd jump to the Mets.

Dude, wtf? As baseball fans, we look to you guys to explain these kinds of things to us. That's like ending the movie right before the good guy saves the damsel in distress. Oh, yeah, Posada might go to the mets because..........

8. Mariano Rivera. No response to the Yankees' three-year, $39 million offer. He'll make 'em sweat it out, but eventually he should come back.
What's the deal? 3 years, $42 million.

You said you think he will go the Yanks, who offered him 39 million, but then proceeded to say he will get 42 million. I'm confused,****. Help me.

13. Barry Bonds. Everyone thinks he'll get a job, but no one admits they'll hire him. Still, that 1.000-plus OPS is nothing to sneeze at.

If this was a poplularity contest, Bonds would probably get last place. However, if this was a production contest, which I believe it is, he would get second, arguably first. You even prove my point with the whole 1.000 OPS thing. Only one other guy on your list had one of those, Mr. Rodriguez. You didn't justly explain why one of the best players on this market has fallen to 13 on your list, but you don't have to, you're Jon Heyman.

14. Paul Lo Duca. Mets only want him as a last resort.

Yet he is still the 14th best player available. DUH!!!

19. Kaz Matsui. Playoff hero isn't the same guy who flopped in New York

He's the same guy, he just played his home games at Coors Field.

Home: .330/.381/.482

Away: . 249/.304/.333

You have access to the same, if not more, stats that I do. Use your VIP pass to get into mlb.com or something, for crying out loud.

21. Todd Jones. Better than folks think. Without overpowering stuff he has 115 saves over the last three years.

Yeah, and the last two years had an era of 3.96 and 4.24, along with a 1.42 WHIP this year. Not as good as most people think, but nice try.






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