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This could have been the craziest saturday in college football ever if 2 things would have happened. 1) Cal's Kicker made the Field Goal in the 4th quarter and 2) Georgia's Defense showed up for 4 quarters in stead of 1. If those things would have happened we could see a rematch of TCU vs Boise for the national title. I doubt the BCS people would let that happen.

1) Oregon looks breakable. USC almost exposed Oregon a few weeks ago by showing what a good defensive line can do to Oregon's fast pace rushing attack. Cal reinforced this theory by dominating Oregon the whole game. Minues the special teams error we could have a shake up in the Top 5 of the BCS. Teams need to take note of what happened in the CAL and USC game and take note to stopping the "QUACK ATTACK"

2) Auburn once again put the distractions aside and just won. Newton did not let the early deficit hurt his team and pulled through in the end. Imagine what would have happened if Georgia had a defense. AUBURN WOULD HAVE LOST! Some people are asking themselves if Auburn falls behind to a fast paced Oregon would they be able to catch up? Alabama needs to run the ball on Auburn. Auburn has been weak on the run this year and will be missing 2 defensive linemen for the first half. Better Pound the ball fast and early. An IRON BOWL for the ages. You better believe SABAN will have his team ready for this game. What better way to end your season by destroying your rivals season.

3) TCU did not get the memo that style points count in the BCS world. Yes the computers throw out all those factors but the humans do not. To trail 14-0 to San Diego State The nscore 34 straight points only to be up 40-35 in the 4th quarter gives everyone mixed feelings. When your outside a BCS conference DOMINATION is EVERYTHING. Just keep your fingers crossed that someone can stop OREGON or AUBURN in the next 3-4 weeks.

4) Boise State....I hope you get on the big stage to show your stuff. DOMINATING Idaho does not say alot. Peterson should run the score up to 70-80 points a game to impress the human polls. Statement games vs Fresno State and Nevada coming up! I think Kellen Moore should be in the heisman talk since the TOP 2 candidates do not have a clean back round to stand on.

5) LSU just wins. Impressive defense and lucky offense. I find myself always using the word Lucky when I talk about LSU. Does LSU deserve to play for the national title if some  top teams lose....NO NO NO and some more NO! LSU vs OREGON? Defense vs offense.

Now onto some side notes

6) Being a Gator I have to mention that game....Dang we suck....Just no identity. Talent is there but not the focus needed. Lets just beat FSU and I will be happy! Citrus Bowl anyone? Urban needs to man up and make the changes needed despite the "Addazio" iss a good coach cry.

7) The BIG-10 race has become very interesting. I hate how the BCS will decide the winner of it all since its a 3 way tie. Next year it will be good to go with a conference championship! Wisconsin seems to be the clear favorite with Michigan (no defense) coming up and a Northwestern team who lost it's starting QB last game.

8) ACC race? I am just getting ready for FSU vs Virginia Tech in the Championship game. No one has been consistent enough to pull away. I would like to see Maryland get it done so "the FRIDGE" can retire on a high note. Any thoughts on who is going to get in? NC STATE? MARYLAND? FSU?

9) UTAH...way to screw up TCU. Losing to Notre Dame that bad hurts TCU. Same thing happened to Boise with Virginia Tech. Also Oregon State losing to Washington State is just awful.  So much for "strength of schedule"

Should be interesting to see how things shake out. Let's just have one top team like Oregon or Auburn lose so their will be a million conversation of TCU or Boise going to the national championship game.

November 16, 2010  03:54 PM ET

LSU would have two losses if anyone on Tennessee's team or coaching staff knew how to count past 11.

The only teams I'd like to see BSU run up the score on are Auburn or LSU. The fact that BSU has a defense (and Auburn does not) would make the score that much more of a laugher.

November 17, 2010  12:42 AM ET

LSU will be exposed very soon....LES MILES luck will only last so long!

November 17, 2010  12:18 PM ET

then again i said that 3 years ago!


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