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Recently, a writer for ESPN by the name of Ryan McGee wrote an article about the top 6 worst BCS snubs of all-time.

To any college football fan who is at all informed, it came as no surprise that the Pac-10 received 3 of the top 6 spots. This included Washington in 2000, Oregon in 2001, and of course, USC's 2003 team.

In 2000, Washington at 11-1 was robbed of a chance to play in the National Title game. Instead, the game was played by the Oklahoma Sooners and the Miami Hurricanes. While it was bad enough that Washington missed out  on the BCS Nat'l title in spite of an 11-1 record, it is made even worse by the fact that they BEAT Miami earlier in the season. How could a team make it to the Nat'l Title game when they lost to a team that was right there with them? I will never be able to make sense of that.

In 2001, the Oregon Ducks were ranked 2nd in both the AP and coaches polls. However, the BCS gave Nebraska the edge sending them to the Nat'l Title game. This is spite of the fact that Nebraska lost their final game of the season, 62-36 to Colorado. Still, Nebraska went to the National Title game and Oregon played Colorado in the Fiesta Bowl... winning by a huge margin.

As we all know, 2003 was the worst of the worst in terms of BCS robberies. USC was ranked 1st in both the AP and Coaches polls, but 3rd by the BCS. Oklahoma and LSU played in one of the worst National Title games in recent history. But in fact, it really wasn't the National Title game, given that USC was awarded the National Title by both the AP and FWAA (Football Writers Association of America). My most vivid memory from that year is's headline, a picture of LSU players on the sideline, with the headline "We're Number 1 Two!". An obvious reference to the fact that anybody who watched college football that year knows that USC was the true National Title winner.

This year, if Stanford wins out, we may have to add a 4th Pac-10 team to that list.

Ohio State will likely get the nod ahead of Stanford due to their larger fan base, thus increasing revenue and television audience. This will be a crime as Ohio State has played the easiest schedule of any top 10 team this season.

For now though, Stanford needs to do their job and win out, so that if they do get robbed, we can just have another voice in the playoff argument.

December 1, 2010  07:59 AM ET

I don't know how the schedules are computed, but NO WAY is Ohio State's 2010 schedule easier than Stanford. No WAY.

December 3, 2010  11:34 AM ET

Thought in 2000, Oklahoma played Florida State and 2001 Miami played Ohio State.


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