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In case you have been out of the country, here is a news flash...A&M lost to OU...

Let that sink in, because I know that is SO rare of an event.  Its like that never happens.  I mean, it's been 11 whole months since OU beat us in football.  And before that, 11 months again...

O.K., so my sarcasm bites, sue me.  I had as much faith in grabbing a win in Norman as I do of pulling one over in Columbia.  Sure we played them close at home last year, but these are road games against tough, ranked opponents.  Mizzou is generally an 18 point favorite.  So how much of the world is going to see this whuppin'? 

Several of us nerd/wannabe athlete types live and die by the results on the field.  The games seem to matter more to us, than the players.  So as another pasting unfolds before your eyes, and the announces are talking about 7 on 7 competitions for high school football, instead of anything that your team is doing, it makes you wonder, why did the network pick THIS game.  The network in question, ABC/ESPN, has televised our UM loss, our KU loss, our OU loss, and our TTech loss.  Does this Aggie think that there is a conspiracy in the mix?  What about the grassy knoll?   Are the Colts piping in noise?  Did Jessica's dad have a hand in her split with Nick...oops sorry I digress.  I think that we just are not a good enough football team right now to compete with the better schools, and ABC/ESPN is more interested in our opponent than the good ol' Maroon and White.

The season is relegated to a third tier bowl and speculation about our next coach (I think that Tedford and Briles are two frontrunners, but that will be another blog).  But individual feats are still up for grabs.  I don't mean college awards, I mean the NFL Draft (the newly shortened NFL Draft) in April.  Who of our good guys will/can get picked, making up for the schneid from last year?

Defense - LBs Dodge and Tupe are solid college LBs they are either lacking a little speed or a little size, or both.  Good stories, but not much excitement of landing a NFL Sunday paycheck.   Lewis and Featherston show promise, if Fran would ever play them.  Just not this year. Secondary - mostly Jrs and Sos, and should stick around.  D Line - there is some talent in this group.  Bryant has been plagued by injuries.  Harrington has the size 6-5 267lb, and could add 10 more lbs to help.  Bennett has stepped up, and could really help himself if he stays.  Heard should also say.  Some prospects, mid to late rounders, but some talent here.

Offense - QB McGee is a Jr and and option QB.  Not much of a future if he comes out.  Lane, also a Jr, and Goodson should stick around to improve their chance.  We all love Lane, but NFL types shy away from guys "too big for thier position".  A 280 lb RB falls into that category.  If Lane dropped to 260 lb, he could get a look.   Alexander at FB, I would take a look at him.  Good blocker, can catch out of the backfield.  Their is limited use for FBs in the NFL, but don't be surprised if Alexander is a late round pick.  Goodson should get a look in a year or two.  The WRs, how would we know.  Not any use in the NFL for WR that can only catch a 6 yard pass.  Fran sold info on these guys being slow and/or inconsistent.  Now to the O Line - Phil Steele rated the A&M O-Line best in the nation in his preseason evaulation.  There is talent here, but would you say they have excelled.  Yes, the running game can be a reflection of their worth, but with no passing attack, this line would have to be considered underwhelming based on their preseason evaluation.  Expect 1 or 2 to get a look in the mid to late rounds.

What do you think? 


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