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It's Week 10 in the NFL, and that means it's getting pretty close to crunch time for some teams that intend on making a run into the playoffs.  Last week was pretty much a disaster for me, but I guess we all have our off days.  We have a slate of 14 games this weekend with Houston, New England, NY Jets, and Tampa Bay having a bye.  As always, BEWARE of the HOME 'DOGS.  Let's begin....

TENNESSEE over Jacksonville-  I look for a low scoring affair even though the Jags have surrendered more points than usual.  The running game will be in full effect as White will bump-n-grind his way to a fourth consecutive 100 yard day.  MoJo won't have as much success much like his team against a tough Titans D.   Titans   17    Jaguars   13

KANSAS CITY over Denver- AFC West division rivals square off with an injury depleted squad.  Priest Holmes look to fill the void of LJ's absence.  The Chiefs are 7-1 in their last 8 games at home against Denver, and I look for them to be successful again.  These teams know each other very well but  none of the 4 teams are a lock to win the AFC west at this point.      Chiefs     24      Broncos  23

Buffalo over MIAMI-  Losman had found his groove, thanks to Lee Evans.  Marshawn Lynch looks to have an outstanding day on the ground.  Miami will not go down easy as they are desperate for a win at this point.  They do need to utilize more of their young receivers in Ginn and Hagan.  But I feel the Bills have a little more offense to stay on top.   Bills     23       Dolphins    17

PITTSBURGH over Cleveland-  The Steelers will look to put the surprising Brownies back down to earth.   Big Ben and Willie Parker should ignite all the offense needed to win while Derek Anderson gets rattled frequently.  We have marveled at Cleveland's success so far this season as they are only a game out from taking a share of first place.  But the Steelers will look to find some breathing room in the AFC North with a victory here.   Steelers    31      Browns   14

NEW ORLEANS over St. Louis- Brees has invigorated the passing game with the emergence of Colston and Patten.  Reggie Bush  has been nothing short of spectacular.  Both should continue to find success against a porous Rams D.  Bulger should have a decent day passing the ball, and the Rams will gradually stabilize to a high powered offense once again with Steven Jackson, Bruce, and Holt back in the lineup.  Look for a high scoring game with Brees lighting it up once again and the Rams playing comeback.     Saints   38    Rams   27

Atlanta over CAROLINA-  The Panthers offense has been non-existent as they have only managed a TD in each of the past 2 games.  With Vinny at the helm, I can't see how it will progress.  I would take Harrington over him at this point, and as a result..the Falcons.  DeAngelo Hall and Steve Smith look to go at it for another round.           Falcons   19     Panthers   16

WASHINGTON over Philadelphia-  On any other season, I would probably take the Eagles to win.  But this year, Philadelphia looks inconsistent and the Redskins will look to make it a season series sweep against their division rival.  The Redskins should utilize Portis more than usual as their wideouts of Moss and Randle El haven't been much of a factor at all.    Redskins    20     Eagles  17

GREEN BAY over Minnesota- Despite the fact the Mr. "All Day" Adrian Peterson have been rumbling through his opponents like a bulldozer, it is hard to go against Favre who has managed to win two consecutive tough games on the road.  He will look to target his favorite duo of Jennings and Driver thus exploiting the feeble pass D of the Vikes.  Peterson is sole offense for the Vikes, and the Packers will focus on containing him.    Resorting to Brooks Bollinger to win a game is a longshot.  Packers   27    Vikings   16

Cincinnati over BALTIMORE-  Both teams are coming off embarassing defeats but I feel the Bengals have the better talent, especially with the return of Chris Henry.  Chad or no Chad, Henry should fill the void just fine and Palmer  will look his way more often than not.  The Ravens passing D is suspect and Palmer should have a field day through the air.  McNair looks to bounce back from a MNF fiasco, but he's not the same elite QB that he once was...and I don't think Boller ismuch better.   Bengals 24   Ravens 20

Chicago over OAKLAND- The Bears are coming off a bye and will be well rested.  The Raiders just can't seem to get it going this season, but their offense should get a spark with emergence of Fargas.  Unfortunately, McCown has been nothing but mediocre, if not less.  Fargas will find room to run, and maybe score, but it will take more than his efforts for Oakland to have success.  On the other side , Cedric Benson matches up well against a porous Raider frontline.  Tack in an average day from Griese and it should be enough for the Midway Monsters to come out on top.   Bears  17    Raiders  14

NY GIANTS over Dallas- Both teams are having a spectacular season, and more than likely, the winner here will have the upper hand in the NFC East division.  Both teams are clicking on all cylinders but I look for a well rested Giants D to step up at home and hinder a come-from-behind effort by Romo.    Giants   27    Cowboys  23

ARIZONA  over  Detroit-  The Lions have been very impressive this season, not only because of their 6-2 record, but also due to their defense. Kevin Jones is primed for a stellar day running the ball.  But like all good things, the Lions 3 game winning streak  has to come to an end at some point.  Arizona is at home, and will be focused as they will ending a 3 game losing streak.  I believe that the Lions D can't keep it up forever , and Warner will be due to have prolific day through the air.  Fitzgerald and Boldin will expose the weak Lions secondary that has been like a stretched elastic band ready to snap.    Cardinals   31   Lions   26

Indianapolis over SAN DIEGO- Even with Indy losing to the mighty Patriots, they showed they could hang with them. If it wasn't for the 4th quarter fiasco, the Colts would still be undefeated.  Now comes the Chargers, who looked more like a lottery team against the Vikes.  Phillip Rivers couldn't get in rhythm, but he should bounce back to have a better day.  Add in LT along with Gates, and I believe the Chargers should be able to beat most teams at home, but not Peyton's team.  With Harrison most likely returning to the lineup, the Colts should have more than enough offense to muster up a victory.   I would like to credit the outstanding Colts D who doesn't really give up too many points.   Colts   26    Chargers 20

SEATTLE over San Francisco-  not much to say here except for the fact that the 49er offense is non-existent despite the return of Alex Smith.  Gore hasn't been able to get it in stride,  Vernon Davis hasn't been spectacular, and Smith's passing stats are below average.  On the other side, Hasselbeck has been spectacular even without the help of the running game.  He has put the offense on his shoulders and has made the most out of his receivers especially Engram.  Look for Hasselbeck to light it up again as he has all the weapons he need in Hackett, Engram, and even Branch.  If Shaun Alexander rebounds this season and  their running game comes back to life, Seattle should take the NFC West with ease.   Seahawks  27   49ers 14


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