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I am a huge hockey fan, and tonight I'd like to tip my hat to one of the best coaches that ever graced the N.H.L, and that is Pat Burns. Burns passed today, after a long battle with cancer, one that had him rummored as passed before he was! 

This was a man of integrity, and passion only shared by a select bunch, and if you were to ask them, they'd answer in unison with a resounding "Yes! He was a great hockey man!". The players that played under him, were quite happy to do so, as Burns was a winner, and did whatever he could to get the job done.

I often wondered if the man ever smiled, but after taking a closer look.....he smiled more than you might know. I know all the players , and coaches hearts will be with the Burns family during the loss of such a great person, and so is mine. I will forever be greatful to have watched him coach the Leafs, which has been no easy task for over 40 years, but Burns did it, and did it well, and I was thrilled for the man when he won the Cup with New Jersey!

The only thing that has made me bitter at that he wasn't inducted to the H.O.F, while he was still alive. He should get inducted, but I know, that many, many fans tried to make a case for it, just to have it fall on deaf ears, or a H.O.F induction commitee that couldn't see doing it now. Me I say he should have gotten in, and he should have been in while he could see it, and see his family enjoy the fruits of his toils.

Somethings can't be changed, and life is tough on all of us at some point or another, and we all battle through things, and Pat Burns whether it be on the ice, or off it, was truly a fighter and he fought all the way! You will be missed, by fans,players coaches,GM's, and the rest of the hockey community. 

God bless the Burns family as they go through such a hard time, and thank you God for letting us know him. I will forever remember that fire that burned within the man. He was a great man, and will be sorely missed!

Rest in peace Mr. Pat Burns(1952-2010), one of the true greats of the game!

November 19, 2010  08:52 PM ET

Well done Kinger. You brought a tear to my eye. And I sincerely hope the HOF commitee are very very ashamed of themselves tonight.

November 19, 2010  09:15 PM ET

3 Jack Adams Awards with 3 different teams. Amazing.

Well written blog, kingeraaa.


November 20, 2010  11:49 AM ET

There will never be another coach like Burns.

He was amazing, a cop turned NHL coach. What a guy.


November 20, 2010  12:54 PM ET

3 Adams trophies each in the first year with that team. Yeah I'd say he was a pretty good coach . Why is he not in the Hall of Fame yet Dick Duff is

November 20, 2010  05:12 PM ET

There will never be another coach like Burns.He was amazing, a cop turned NHL coach. What a guy.RIP

Good to see ya, Argos.
I remember you wrote a blog awhile back campaigning for Burns to be inducted into the HOF.
Shame on them for blowing the opportunity.

November 20, 2010  06:23 PM ET

Good to see ya, Argos. I remember you wrote a blog awhile back campaigning for Burns to be inducted into the HOF.Shame on them for blowing the opportunity.

Darn straight! There are exceptions to everyrule!!! This is one I think the H.O.F missed on, and it could have been a wonderful farewell!

They could have picked out any of the teams he played for, and there would have been an arena full at any one of them for fans to pass on their respect!

Great man, and coach!

November 21, 2010  12:29 PM ET

Well written, and argeed the hall messed up badly.


November 21, 2010  07:11 PM ET

Good read.


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