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 POWER RATINGS: The Top-10 and Bottom-10 Ranked Teams According to God


The Top-10 +1 (and Bottom-10) Ranked Teams in the Sports Universe


October 26, 2010 was like none other in the world of Sports.  It is on this day that the 4-corners the major sports leagues (The NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB...sorry, soccer) on the globe converge and compete on the same day during the course of a season or year. 


To mark that most monumental of days, when the stars of the sports world and the most powerful of teams in the sports universe collide; I present this unique Power Rating list ranking the strongest most "powerful" teams and the weakest and least "powerful" of teams.


THE BOTTOM 10: [In descending order - or the most powerful of the weak teams]...


10. Toronto Maple Leafs - While a leaf is a part of nature, and is a part of a beautiful tree and can provide food; it doesn't have much power as a stand-alone entity.

9. Washington Wizards - Albeit it is human title, technically it is for one who satanically deceives in the name's most common usage vs. doing something just "amazing."

8. Orlando Magic - Deception can be powerful, but there is no such thing really as magic, it's just an illusion that most often has negative effects on the human mind.

7. Detroit Pistons - An engine can be powerful, but this is an inanimate object that can also negatively add to pollution and destruction of the planet.

6. San Antonio Spurs - Another inanimate object, even though usually made of metal, is painful and punishing to the horses inflicted with its use.

5. New Jersey Nets - This is simply an object and while on a basketball court or in it stitchery, there is creative human ingenuity; it is just a bunch of string.

4. Chicago White Sox - Even though most every athlete wears a version of one and cannot perform without them; it is usually just woven fluffy cotton.

3. Boston Red Sox - Red is generally a more powerful color, however, at the root or the base of an athlete's uniform, is the white sock, not the color red sock.

2. Cincinnati Reds - Formally called the "Red Legs" which could be considered a human body part, but more so a red stocking, they could typically be the sheerest of socks.

1. Vancouver Canucks - Reportedly named after a comic book character, which is fictitious in itself; it's also typically a derogatory and negative name for Canadians.


THE TOP-10 + 1 [In descending order - or the least powerful of the strong teams]...


10. Colorado Rockies - A rock, a mountain, the planet earth, the planets; the universe is loaded with powerful rocks; rocks God Himself hand-made as He did the universe itself.

9. Colorado Avalanche - Water that is exposed to the cold becomes snow and if it freezes it becomes ice.  On top of that gravity moves mountains; that is powerful.

8. Carolina Hurricanes - God created the wind and actually used it, I believe, to blow the Saints from New Orleans; and the wind is a mighty creation of The Almighty.

7. Tampa Bay Lightning - Light, energy, electricity, a natural phenomenon that is so powerful it artistically symbolizes the hand and thoughts of God Himself, when angered.

6. Miami Heat - Another byproduct of the Sun, but also of flames and light, itself.  Too much of it and everything destructs.  Not enough of it and everything perishes. 

5. Calgary Flames - A byproduct of the sun and without them emanating from it or a chemical reaction, life ends.  They are even symbolic of the work and existence of Satan.

4. Dallas Stars - GEN 1:16 (cont.) "He also made the stars."  Countless within the solar system and used symbolically to name the greatest of players and athletes.

3. Phoenix Suns - Officially, if you will, a star, it's one of the first bodies God ever created: GEN 1:16 "God made the greater light to govern the day..."

2. New Jersey Devils - He was God's #1 angel, the #2 most powerful being in existence until he thought he could be God.  Now he does rule the earth, but loses in the end.

1. Los Angeles Angels - The Devil is one, but multitudes of these heavenly hosts are the first, and second only to The Creator; the most powerful beings in Creation.


+1: Los Angeles Archangels - The nickname God wants given to the NFL team He wants in "The City of Angels."  These are the most powerful angels.  Truthfully, Michael is the #1 who defends creation and life.  And Gabriel, #2, announced the arrival of Jesus Christ.


And that ends it for the TOP 10+1 and the angels and nature, these two teams close out those found in God's nature; the Oklahoma Thunder.


The second level of team nickname strength would be the "humans" led by the New Orleans Saints; followed by the "animals," in which case, using "Wild" as an adjective applies to the animal kingdom and the Minnesota Wild.  The final level would be the inanimate objects; with none likely more powerful than the Houston Rockets.


In the end, apart from some illicit or ungodly use of the name of Jesus Christ or of the Holy Spirit; there is no more powerful name rated higher than The Archangels

"Go, Archangels!"






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