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(2-6) Atlanta Falcons @ (4-4) Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have a better offense, Jake Delhomme or not. The Falcons gave up on Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich isn't the answer, and it shows. 17 PPG is better than the Falcons 14 PPG. In the NFL the numbers don't lie either, the Falcons just aren't playing well right now, and they are hurting.

The Verdict: 17-3 - Panthers

(3-5) Denver Broncos @ (4-4) Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City has recent;y had the better offense, and Jay Cutler is hurting, I don't see them beating the Chiefs rushing attack this weekend, since they are last in it. This game will go by quickly, with all of the running that will be happening. I don't see this being a big "Air-Attacl" game.

The Verdict: 24-17 - Chiefs


(4-4) Buffalo Bills @ (0-8) Miami Dolphins

I don't see any surprise here, the Bills EASILY go 5-4 with the Dolphins bad defense that gives up 30 PPG.

The Verdict: 31-14 - Bills


(0-8) St. Louis Rams @ (4-4) New Orleans Saints

THE SAINTS, ARE COMING! Not much of a surprise here either, the Rams have a terrible offense and the Saints are just playing way too good for their defense that has been giving up 27 PPG too.

The Verdict: 34-7 - Saints


(5-3) Cleveland Browns @ (6-2) Pittsburgh Steelers

Ef, you will hate me for thi, but the Steelers have the #1 or #2 defense in the league, and in their last meeting this year in Browns Stadium, the Steelers man handled them 34-7, I see Derek Anderson throwing 2 TD passes in this game, but falling short.

The Verdict: 28-21 - Steelers


(5-3) Jacksonville Jaguars @ (6-2) Tennessee Titans

The score of these games between the two are always low. Not the greatest offensive threats, so I think it will come down the the defense, and the Tennessee Titans have an UNDERRATED defense. The Jaguars defense went out the window, I don't see what happened. LenDale White is on FIRE. I think they win big.

The Verdict: 27-10 - Titans


(3-5) Philadelphia Eagles @ (5-3) Washington Redskins

For some reason, I think the Eagles will win this game. They have played better since the beginning of the season, and the Redskins have not been as aggressive since they played the Lions. I think the Eagles get their revenge at FedEx Field.

The Verdict: 20-13 - Eagles


(2-6) Cinncinatti Bengals @ (4-4) Baltimore Ravens

Cinncy has NO defense, they will get flushed out by whoever starts for this game either McNair or Boller, they won't lose this game at M&T Bank Stadium.

The Verdict: 34-24 - Ravens


(6-2) Detroit Lions @ (3-5) Arizona Cardinals

I don't care where they are playing, the Lions defense is playing BIG with the most turnovers committed, 14 Defensive points last week, and their offense is pretty good. The Cardinal defense is good, but they have no advantage for the height of their receivers. Lions Win.

The Verdict: 24-17 - Lions


(7-1) Dallas Cowboys @ (6-2) New York Giants

The last game was high scoring, 45-35, not this one, I think the Giants defense is going to have a good day, and beat Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Sorry to burst your bubble homers, but I don't know how much more I am expected to the Cowboys as a threat. I don't know what will happen to their inconsistent defense. I think Giants win.

The Verdict: 28-14 - Giants


(3-5) Chicago Bears @ (2-6) Oakland Raiders

The Bears defense is playing a little bit better, this game will be like watching paint dry to me. I have to go with the Bears as a gut instinct.

The Verdict: 27-16 - Bears


(7-1) Indianapolis Colts @ (4-4) San Diego Chargers

I want to the say the Colts, but I don't think I can right now. They are heated up from the cheating accusation, but the game means a lot to the Chargers in keeping up with their division, and they are playing with their home crowd. It will be LT vs. PM, the 2 favorite fantasy players on a regular basis. I say Chargers by a little.

The Verdict: 38-35 - Chargers


(2-6) San Francisco 49ers @ (4-4) Seattle Seahawks

I think the 49ers left their hearts in San Francisco... I don't see any turn around and Alex Smith had too much pressure coming into the year, I don't see them being close to winning in this game, Shaun Alexander will have a field day, Switch him up as your Fantasy RB, folks! He will have a good day. Seahawks win.

The Verdict: 27-10 - Seahawks


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