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So as you've noticed I have been MIA as of late...to be honest football and me haven't been getting along...first that Bill's/Cowboys MNF thriller, then the Cowboys loss to the Pats, then the Pats win over the Colts (yes I hate the Patriots)...and of course the tragedy that is MY CARD'S SEASON...I just couldn't take it...I had to run like the WIND!!!  But, I have decided to return and focus on the positives...AZ is second in their division, they might make the playoffs, the Bills have been reborn, the Saints are ALIVE, and Adrian Peterson makes me HAPPY!  So after some deep reflection I have decided to stay positive and make some week 10 picks!


Eagles V. Redskins - Don't expect much from the pass game for either team...both QB's struggling (I smell some blitzing.)  This game will be about Westbrook and Portis....with Portis leading the pack.  The Eagles are just plain sloppy, unpredictable and boring....The Redskins take the W


Steelers v. Cleveland - I am going to go on a limb here and pick the Browns over the Steelers.  I have been VERY impressed with the play of Kellen Winslow, Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis, and Derek Anderson...who would have thunkit!!!!  Braylon Edwards is a beast, and Jamal Lewis is starting to prove his doubters wrong.  I know Pitts is a tough team to beat but I have faith in the good ole browns...after last weeks comeback..I think they are on a role


Buffalo v. Miami - ZZZZzzzzZZZZZ, wake me up after the game!  Buffalo with the W, I think Loseman wants his job back..his play was decent last week in the victory over Cincy...I was impressed!  Let's see, Miami holds the perfect season record (1972) and they are have a real good chance of holding the..I guess imperfect season record 0-16...interesting!  Go Miami...U can do it!!!!!


Rams v. Saints - I wont even dignify this with a response....what do you think?


San Fran v. Seattle - Seattle is starting to really work my nerves, that loss against Cleveland last week was BANANAS....Matt Hasselback must be letting that annoying sister in law of his get to him...Shuan, whats wrong boo???  Seattle is buggin this season, but through the disappointment, I give credit to Julian Peterson...did you see his wedding on Plantinum weddings..it was GREAT!!!  For the record...San Fran ranks 32nd in total offense, 224.3 yards averaged per game, YIKES...its Trent Dilfur's fault...welcome back Alex, now get to work!!!!  Seattle with the W.


Jags. v. Titans - I'm really excited about this game....both teams are seriously doubted, but they both play hard week after week and are somehow manage to get it done (the Titians deserve great credit because they manage to win despite having an inept QB, ok maybe not inept, a young QB.)  I find it interesting that the Titans manage to rank 24th in total offense but 2nd in total defense (Go Dave Thornton!)  But, Jville is a force to be reckoned with...Maurice Jones Drew is that dude, but I don't know if he can out run Tennesse's defense.  So the question is, can the Jags stop the Titans troubled offense?   It's going to be VERY interesting to see who actually gets it done this Sunday..I am going to go with the Titans with the W!


Falcons v. Panthers - this is an interestig game because its always exciting when two subpar teams play...it's a battle for whose worse.  Both teams piss me off to be quite honest, and Steve Smith is just PSYCHO.  I don't understand why ATL thought they were Oregon and could make Joey work magic..dumb, didn't the Lions already waste millions proving the impossibility of reviving Joey's talent!  I love/absolutely adore my Leftwhich, but his luck is horrendous...despite the challeges facing both teams, I'm going with Carolina...I respect my elders, Vinny for Prez.!


Broncos v. Chiefs - I'm just really speechless right now, WTF happenend to the Broncos...who would have thunkit!!!  Chiefs with the W, I have nothing else to say about this!


Vikings v. Packers - This is going to be another interesting game, I don't doubt Minn. ability to create another upset this week.  Their victory against San Deigo was admirable, who would have thunkit!!  Brett Favre hasn't gotten too much shine this season, Brady is stealing the attention, but Favre deserves a  nod, we have to give the work he has down in Green Bay this season is nothing short of phenomenal, I had really given up on them.  For once this season, I'm am impressed...overall, I have to go with Greenbay, but I will be exciting to see how Peterson holds up is this week....hummm!!!  Greenbay with the W!


Bengals v. Ravens - two disappointing teams going head to head.  Something horrible happend to both of these teams, I cannot seem to pin-point the cause, for Cincy I kinda wanna blame their offense, but Carson has been doing his best, its just something isn't there (Chad Johnson maybe?)  As for Bmore, I just don't know what to say, the QB crisis is in full effect.  I had so much hope for both of these teams...oh well... Cincy with the win by 3....I was going to go with Bmore but then I was reminded of their MNF performance..once again, GO CINCY!


Lions v. AZ, not much to say except I suggest Larry Fitz actually show up this week...in the words of Shannon Sharp "I think that boy has vertigo," let's stay in bounds this time Larry.  Because I love AZ, I am going to go with the Cards for the W, but to be honest I'm SCCAAARRRD.   The good news is we have the home field advantage, and we have the POTENTIAL to shut down Detroit's offense, BUT Detroit's four WR's are going to cause serious issues considering AZ, hurts in the DB category...YIKES!!!  I just hope Warner is ready to play this week and has controlled his fumbling ways...for the last two weeks AZ has been horribly limited in their pass game (I think teams are learning how to shut the Cards down, lets just hope we can amend to change, and come up with something new) after all, cover 2 is a****!!!!  This week shouldn't pose the same challenge (unless Detroit emulates Tampa's defensive scheme, then we are screwed.)  The pass game must be more effective and the run must be established early on ( we tend to defeat ourselves psychologically.)  Tampa actually shut AZ's offense down completely...we don't need a repeat, SO PRAY!!!  This isn't going to be easy, and it aint going to be pretty...but with some discipline and focus AZ should get the W by 2.


Chicago V. Oakland - Oakland with the W, Ronald Curry, Sunday is your day!!!!  Defensively Chi-Town leaves a lot to be desired.....they rank 27th in total defense with 358.4 yrds per game...tisk tisk tisk (Oakland ranks 16)!  On offense Chicago is no better, they rank 26th with 295.9 yards per game (Oakland ranks 22) (Adrian Peterson darn near did that in one game...WOW, that dude is FIRE!)  I don't really know what in the world happened to Chicago or that wonderful defense...speechless!


Dallas v. NY - I preface every discussion about Dallas with " I don't like Tony Romo...what a loser!" But, admittedly he is a decent QB and he his one hell of a squad behind him...Jason Wittin is the great white Hype and TO is, well...TO.  Despite the Cowboys spectacular season, we have to remember that NY isn't doing too bad themselves, they are on an eight game winning streak, to include a international Victory (yes it was over Miami, but nonetheless, it was overseas.)  Additionally, the Stra-train and Osi are serious threats and they have the power to neutralize Romo's key weapon...J Wit., and the game is being played in NY, so that is def. an advantage.  This game is going to be interesting (a real close call), but I am going to go with Dallas with the W.  Eli isn't confident enough to handle the Cowboys, under pressure he falls apart and makes questionable plays...and after that Bills NMF thriller....I always stick with the Boys.   


Indy v Chargers - Indy with the W, they should have won last weekend but I wont go there...let a dead dog lie I guess!  In other news...what the heck happened to San Diego this year?????  I will give San Diego credit..Gates and Tomlinson create a scary duo and throwing Chambers in the mix was def. a good look...but despite this offensive power the Chargers have still managed to suck...point blank and I don't expect things to change.  On offense the Chargers rank 21st with an average of 309.1 yards per game....this simply isn't going to work against Indy...and on defense it gets worse for San Diego...355 yards per game making them 25th in the league.   










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