In this new blog we're gonna be remembering the good old days of.....yeah that's not happening!!! we're just gonna be ranking on seriously overacheivers and overrated players! Top 3 losers of the week (and yeah, i gonna be controversial, so start arguing with me!!!) 1 - joe johnson - bad week, or bad player? remember how he became good on the Suns? The pheonix suns, where quinton richardson was even good?!?! for crying out loud, had darko gone to the suns right away, he'd be cchucking up 3s and been the best fantasy player in the world, but he wudnt have been good! Bottom line, the Hawks are a terrible team, and by terrible i mean, with the team they have, there is absolutely no cchance they ever crack the uper eschelon of Eastern powers, and by that i mean boston, orlando and chicago, oh and throw in the raptors, i have more faith in them! 2 - LBJ - to quote dennis rodman, altho given that some girl was giving him a (L)BJ, (nice play on words there...!!!) u cant take him too seriously, but hey, that's dennis rodman for you! I mean im youg so i dont remember the stat, but can anyone find out for me how many random women in the front row of basketball games, that he has smooched during a time out or out of bounds. over under 10, im picking over! Anyhow, Rodman said that he michael and scottie got along, well, you know why they did and LBJ and his 'talented' South Beach crew can't? that's cuz he is a one-dimensional player! WHAT?!?! a one-dimensional player??? yep! true he can do everything on the court, but he can only do all that by himself, other players need to be role players in his game, and he can't allow for other stars to exist, otherwise, well 9-8 happens to a team that ppl thought wud win 72 or more games. Stats lie, LBJ is just not a good teammate to have, i for sure wudnt pick him in first pick of my team, if we were drafting NBA players to new teams. Here wud be my order: 1 durant 2 paul 3 gasol 4 Kris humphries (only cuz he's dating Kim Kardashian) 5 - LBJ kobe is too old to start a new team and wade, well he cant play with LBJ either, so he gets some blame too. 3 - and last one for my first installment of weekly stinkers - Detroit's whole team. I mean wasnt it just a few yrs ago that detroit flourished with a 'team' game? well, what they have now is exactly the opposite, gordon and villanueva might be good 6th men on teams that have a team, but detroit is a team full of 6th men on teams that have a team. let me clarify, all their players (or most) can still play, but they need to be guys comign off the bench on good organized teams. so think about it, a team full of potential 6th men, has some serious need for some starters, and yeah they ffought with the knicks, but theyre the knicks... K im done with my first rant of the new blog... let's hear what you think One rule only, dont be nice on me or anyone else who posted, im here to cause trouble!!!
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November 29, 2010  08:19 PM ET

well then let's rank on the GM of the pistons, cuz u got to agree they suck right now. think abt it, a guy once in a while gets pleasure from a hooker, but they can't be his mainstay, he'll get bored after a while - these guys look pretty but together, where's the substance?!?!

December 1, 2010  02:10 PM ET

Joe D needs to go. He is making terrible decisions. If we can trade Rip, A draft pick and I hate to say it but Prince too for a big man who can actually play the post we would be good to go. We are not closing out games very well. Been hanging in there but get put away in the last couple of minutes.


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