We all know the obvious - Derek Jeter has resigned -  a given. What I object to is the the manner in which the whole thing was handled.

In his career with the Yanks, I think most would agree that Jeter has been a class act and a great ambassador for the sport. Once he entered free agency, the first public comments to greet the media were by Hal Steinbrenner indicating the negotiations had the potential to be "cantankerous". I had no problem with Casey Close's response when he said something to the effect of "I find the Yankees opening negotiating moves puzzling". They were puzzling! Why instigate a public media war with your most revered athlete?

I guess this is this age of reality TV, where you can switch the station or check the web to get in on the latest rumor. Does character or privacy count anymore? Does loyalty and service - even excellence count anymore? In my view the answer is no - it's sad and it's not just a sports issue! While I'm using Derek Jeter as an example, he's actually quite low on the totem pole when it comes to the overall picture. I say that not to demean him in or his achievements any manner. He is as great a role model to his sport any renowned professional is to his field.

What I am saying is how this country has deteriorated in so relatively short a period of time. First, let's deal with the Jeter issue.  The only people we heard from "officially" before the signing were from the Yankee brass... Hal, Hank and Cashman.

Brian went as far as to say something like, "If he wants more I aint going there". I may be off on the context but not on the word he chose. My point simply being, why did we...the public - have to know all the details??? I always admired Cashman but he went way down in my book over those comments. This whole scenario is like vintage old time "Boss" George, not the "kinder & gentler" Steinbrenner Yankee fans would like to remember.

It's interesting to note that Cashman chose to keep his reasons for firing his pitching coach private. Isn't Derek Jeter worth the same privacy as well? A free agent has the right to ask for whatever he wants; I don't fault Jeter in that. The Yanks have every right to say you're not worth what you want and we are being gracious in what we are offering you. Why the need for public relations on the Yankees part? Jeter and his agent handled themselves admirably. Hardly a peep from their mouths other than the rumors (which may be true but they never "officially" commented on - bravo!).

You could even go so far as to say that Derek Jeter has handled himself as a "True Yankee" in the finest sense of Yankee tradition. I just think negotiations, especially in the case of someone who has meant so much to the club, should be kept behind closed doors. If the Yanks really didn't want him back, fine, but don't rip him a new orifice in public when he hasn't "officially" said a word!.. The Yanks knew they had all the power, so why the need to let everyone in on it?

My point really extends beyond sports...wasn't George Harrison of The Beatles prophetic in his song "I, Me Mine"? Hasn't this country deteriorated from it's promise of pride, recognition, potential job security based on performance and it's dedication to long term business planning into one of pure greed, instant gratification, instant profit, and what have you done for me lately? - regardless of how you did it - without considering the long or even short term repercussions? 




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