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I don't know if this is the best blog to be kicking off this new group. But I've been wanting to document some of the most fascinating statements made on FanNation as I read them. You be the judge and pick your favorite ones. I've left the profile names out to protect the innocent.

you'll freeze ur assoff in Boston. Gotta be the Crescent City. The greatest tourist destination in the US. Birthplace of jazz and the home of the BEST NFL AND NBA TEAMS RIGHT NOW!!

Indianpolis is the best place to live... I never said you had to like it... we often resent truths that are hard to swallow, however if you want to move here I'm sure theres room somewhere for you here.... I might even invite you over to my mansion...! sorry I have to go make a few more dollars... !

not only is Indy the best sports town in the United States. its the best place to live in the U.S. as well. We show the rest of the world how to live, we are leaders and teach people how life should be lived !

Because they will win the division and have a great chance to go to the Finals.....

look at the teams they have beatin none of them with a winning record

i will take horseface elway only cause he has the teeth workin also. Isnt funny the 2 guys who look more like a horse than anyone in the league ended up on the broncos ? 2 funny

it calls for concentration, patience, hidration, perseverance, intelligence

A.P. is my #1 bust pick for next year

what are you talkin about ? what i wrote makes sense ? read it again slow and if it does not come to you ask the teacher or closest grown up next to you for help. Its a reading comprehension type thing i guess

Vince young will throw over 125 yards on sunday and the runing back will get 121 yards.The titans will win 24-17 . let me have our take so bam.

If u just look at there roster u see allstars. But when u look at other defenses in the NFC East u dont see mant great players


Just look at it,there going to have a 13 win season.Their wide outs are good,no worry about that,Our defense is good,ATARI BIGBY IS ANOTHER BOB SANDERS(JK,BUT HE DOES KIND OF HIT LIKE HIM AND LOOKS LIKE HIM,LOL).We got a top 5 front seven in the game.We got a tight end in donald lee who is reliable.

And we will have around the 25th-28th pick,You know slaton and rice will be available at the back spot,MAYBE WE CAN TRADE THAT PICK,AND OUR 2ND RND PICK TO THE PATS FOR THERE 1ST PICK,WE ALL KNOW THE PATS LIKE TO HAVE DEPTH,AND IF WE GVE THEM 2 OR MAYBE 3 PICKS THEN WE CAN GET THAT PICK.Should i say welcome DARREN MCFADDEN


ARE YOU 5?Because he wants a ring,and this team is a star back away from one.Thats why i mentioned that,i say its possible we somehow land mcfadden.Because the rams,dolphins and jets sure aint getting him.Why will u accept if u agreee??


cause they will


my bears are down and out!! but now its time to show the world why we are called the monster of the midway!!!! and now yall are about to see a hole different team now its the second helf we are going to make the playoffs!!! hands down!!!!!!!!

Basket ball is is just a game of giving the ball to ur 7 foot guy and let him dunk the ball or get a foul. Milb playoffs is way more exciting then basketball think of all the walk of HR;s in baseball.


Baseball is full of curses and pitching mathups u dont see that in b ball. Baseball is nothing like golf, if u ever been to a game its crazy. there are crazy fan's yelling at the ump and at the other team. BAsketball u cant do that.


and while all that you say is's the news' Ben has a ring.......Ben has 1 bad year......a football injury concussion/motorcycle accident. The year i just mentioned - sounds like some years the other 3 clowns have had healthy. Ben doesn't make mistakes that's why he wins. You can continue to say he sucks and that he's not aloud to run the steelers offense. AS LONG AS YOUD LIKE. 1 day you will wake up and he will have won another SB. Next to ben, The before mentioned 3 look like boys...................................................................................................


Uh oh the grammar police are out... and it looks like I got a ticket... how much will that be Mr. Grammar Police officer ? I hope I don't get to many cause I wouldn't want to do time....!


Hey... I tried the whole being a colts fan thing... dude... it sucked... I think I tried to sleep with my sister... it was horrible... I almost lost my house... my kids hated me... the whole neighborhood was going to kill me here.... it was really traumatic... how do you do it ? your sister must be a good sport heh...?


Brooks Bollinger is terrible, and Jackson keeps getting hurt and throws the ball too hard. The Vikings need a young guy out of college for example Matt Ryan.


You're too pushy with this.
Why do you win a lot? I hope a bunch of people beat you in the future. You will be 65-100-1 by the end of this month!


Duh! Here's your sign.


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