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What bothers me most is how most fans totally forget facts of life:
a.) Respect other programs, the planets orbit every school not just yours.
b.) The players are actually students and must spend some time dealing with school work, but if a player has a gimpy ankle that will be breaking headline news. Failing English or Math is meaningless, bum ankles are another story all together.
c.) Know your facts before you start screaming about firing your coach, have a replacement in mind, and picture what your going to get with the new coach. I thought getting a Rich-Rod would be great after Ball State (almost ruined 'the big game' in 2006 before it happened) and App. State ran over us to start the 2007 season.
Then we got what we wished for, now look at the mess where in, the Gator Bowl actually looks good after the last 2 seasons. Point is Michigan threw out tradition and now is paying for it, add the fact they created a horrible situation in WV that those folks did not deserve, the Gator Bowl against Mississippi State is probably more than we deserve.
I went to my first game at The Big House this year and witnessed the 67-65 game on Nov. 6th. I have been going to UNLV games for decades and even traveled to L.A. to see USC & UCLA more than once, never did I ever see a game top 130 points, we are talking MWC, WAC (Big West) and PAC-10, never did I see 130 + points. Not even close, hope the unemployment line is not too long Greg Robinson. (The band had a great half-time show with the Wizard of Oz bunch, rumor had it if the Illini got too winded they were going to put Alice in at QB, good thing that did not happen, we'd be in our 245th OT right now.)
When it comes to coaching changes, Careful for what you wish for, you might get it.
d.) The players are all young men (teenagers mostly) and first downs are in no way the most important thing in life at that age. Remember: Girls, Parties, no longer living with your parents, Girls, Beer Bongs, Girls, 2:am feasting at the local diner, drive-in or dive and of course grades.
e.) All network announcers are idiots, just like politicians you don't get there by being intelligent, you get there by being a jerk, how else can you explain:
Lou Holtz
Craig James
Kirk Herbstreit
Mark May
Rod Gilmore
Brent Mushyburger
let's not forget the SEC twins Gary and Verne
On the bright side you have Erin Andrews and Heather Cox, I am told they actually say stuff but who cares? eye candy is part of College Football and ladies you are welcome anytime.
Keith Jackson we miss you.
The next time you lay down a bet at the sportsbook remember what your putting your money on, and don't forget you can lose your money faster playing Keno or Roulette and then you can just watch the games for fun.
Finally Toledo vs Bowling Green can be as entertaining or even more entertaining than any big conference matchup on any given week.
Small schools do not translate to lousy football, in many cases the games are way better than your prime time Saturday games.
College Football is a huge Sundae, the National Championship game is only the cherry on the top. Those are my opinions, venting has it's rewards, thanks for reading this and have a great day.


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