I'm going to rush this a bit as I have a TD here that is related to the NFL Draft top 10, so I'll get the top 10 done and add the rest later.


Now that it's getting closer to the playoffs, I'm going to start leaving that out. Less work for me.


1. Carolina Panthers select Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford


Here's an interesting stat for you


Jimmy Clausen's first 9 games - 101-200 (50.5%), 1056 yards, 1 TD, 6 INTs Brady Quinn's first 9 games - 107-205 (52.2%), 1071 yards, 6 TDs, 7 INTs


Now, short of a 4 TD performance in his 9th game against the Lions, Quinn would have 2 TDs to 7 INTs. Those are eerily similar numbers. And Clausen is heading on an eerily similar path.


2. Cincinnati Bengals select Da'Quan Bowers, DE, Clemson


A lot of problems need dealt with. But the Bengals have no pass rush. This season, only twice have they given up less than 20 points (Carolina and Baltimore). They have great CBs in Hall and Joseph, but when QBs have all day to throw, the receivers are much more likely to get open. Bowers can provide a pass rush to pressure the QBs into bad throws.


3. Buffalo Bills select Marcell Dareus, DT, Alabama


Is Ryan Fitzpatrick the long term answer? We don't know. He is only 28 and he hasn't done this before, but I think they have other issues to address. This defensive heavy draft helps them address some of those. They gave up 100 yards and 3 TDs to AP on Sunday. Dareus would help stop that


4. Detroit Lions select Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU


With images of Alphonso Smith getting burned repeatedly against the Patriots still dancing in their heads, the Lions need help in that secondary. Buffalo could take Peterson here, but they do have a relatively young secondary. The Lions rebuilding would take a huge step with Peterson


5. Arizona Cardinals select Jake Locker, QB, Washington


The QBs in Arizona suck, to say the least. Locker is apparently still the 2nd best pro prospect in the draft. The Cardinals will take whatever the best QB available is, for certain. Easy pick here


6. Denver Broncos select Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College


WIth a new regime starting in Denver, it's likely they'll look to anchor both lines. If Dareus is there, they may take him, but they've given up 33 sacks this year. They have a solid RB in Moreno. They have a solid QB in Orton and Lloyd is an up and coming receiver. Protecting them is key


7. San Francisco 49ers select Prince Amukamara, CB, Nebraska


At the request of OM, I went back and looked. Their secondary is pretty awful. Peterson definitely won't fall to 7, but Amukamara will be there and he's a great CB in his own right. Mallet might be a possibility here, but Smith has been impressive enough in my opinion to warrant him getting another season.


8. Dallas Cowboys select Robert Quinn, DE, North Carolina


One thing the Cowboys are missing are a pass rushing linemen. Ware provides that among the linebackers, but they need someone who can hit the QB without blitzing. If Amukamara is there, I think they will take him. If not, they'll address the defensive line


9. Tennessee Titans select Ryan Mallet, QB, Arkansas


It's a sure thing that they'll take a QB. It's just a matter of who. Mallet's stock is rising and Locker's seems to be falling. It'll likely depend on who has the better pro day. Regardless, there should be only one QB left here worth taking in the first round the Titans will take him.


10. Cleveland Browns select A.J. Green


If you need reasoning, read previous draft blogs.
December 7, 2010  06:22 PM ET


December 7, 2010  06:23 PM ET

What do you have? Is it serious?

December 7, 2010  06:23 PM ET


It said the blog was flagged as spam. I have to delete everything but the first line, submit it, then edit it and paste it all back in

December 7, 2010  06:25 PM ET

Why did no one vote on our TD?

December 7, 2010  09:49 PM ET

With troy smith getting pulled this week and alex put back in, do you still think SF takes a db or a qb now?

December 7, 2010  10:09 PM ET

Remember, Brett Favre will be a Free Agent!

December 16, 2010  01:25 AM ET

denvers brandon lloyd isnt really "up and coming", hes 29 years old

December 16, 2010  03:16 PM ET

denvers brandon lloyd isnt really "up and coming", hes 29 years old

eh. he's still get enough years that they don't need to draft a WR.


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