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It's a pretty well known fact that I am a homer and so don't really pay any attetion to those teams that don't effect the teams I root for.  The good news is that I am a nerd, and I do like to learn new things.  So, I would like for people to tell me something about the college basketball team that they root for that makes them speical.  Obviously, if they have an amazing player, I've probably already heard their name before, so that's not what I'm asking for.  What is something that is fairly unique to that program?

For example, I root for the University of Illinois.  Their student section is called the Orange Krush.  What makes them different form other student sections is that in addition to being seated on the court, they are actually a student orginization that does a lot of fund raising for local charities and scholarships.  I think it's awesome that students are willing to do more than just show up and be loud. 

 So, what makes your team awesome?

January 4, 2011  05:36 PM ET

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January 4, 2011  05:37 PM ET

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January 4, 2011  05:37 PM ET

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January 4, 2011  05:38 PM ET

Can we remove the Packers from the playoffs, too?

January 4, 2011  05:39 PM ET

I hate the damn Packers!!!!

January 4, 2011  05:40 PM ET

gigi......You woo....meeeee!!!!

January 4, 2011  05:40 PM ET


January 23, 2011  07:25 PM ET


February 11, 2011  02:28 AM ET

Tennessee Vol! just something about 108 thousand ppl screaming Rocky top at the top their lungs!! Impressive, and intimidating!!! GO VOLS!!

March 23, 2011  12:10 AM ET

Rutgers plays in the RAC.

No other team can claim they play in a woman's chest.

January 20, 2012  04:49 PM ET

I was born and raised in Syracuse, so no band wagon routing here. What makes the games there special are:
1. 30,000+ to some games. Average over 20,000 a game.
2. Play in a domed football stadium that can hold 65,000.
3. You never know what the student body has as a trick up their sleeves for the opposing team.
4. Standing and over 20,000 fans clapping at the same time while waiting for the first basket. It gets absolutly quiet in between claps, lack of sound in that moment, amazing.
5. Blizzard outside, toasty warm inside.
6. We have the Orange and Blue Crush.
7. Oranges really do come out of the stands sometimes at opposing teams.
8. Being a part of one of the best conferences in college ball the Big East, and soon will be part of one of the best conferences in college basketball the ACC.
9. The idea of having a coach who has more 20+ win season than any other.Will be 3rd all time in wins in 2 games.
10. Nothing could be finer than to be in a diner after a win at the Carrier Dome. Priceless.


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