Keeping it real
Here is something to ponder while you figure out how to bash my rankings. After only 9 games, the Jets and Dolphins are mathematically eliminated from the division title. While the Rams could mathematically still win their division.

For the first time this season, I am at a loss for what to do. Five teams lost, but I don't think all them need to be dropped. A team lost that should probably be in here, but it's hard to justify that. Who is truly better of - Cowboys, Colts, Steelers, and Packers? Just because the Colts lost, does than mean other teams should leapfrog them? I just don't know. For now they stay the same because the Cowboys won on the road while the Steelers and Packers won at home. The Steelers played well at home against a good team just like you would expect. The Packers blew out a bad team at home just like you would expect. I could just as well say they are all tied at 3.

I will call these my preliminary rankings for this week and if you can make a genuine case for moving teams, I will do that. It weeks like this one that make me want to throw up, I mean give up. No, I had it right the first time.

Now, on with your bashing

  1. Pats (9-0) - Do you know what really separates the Patriots from the rest of the league? It's not Moss, it's not Welker, and it's not even Brady. This team is stocked with starting caliber players from top to bottom. If any one of their game day starters gets hurt, the backup can step in and they won't miss a beat. The only exception being Brady; I don't think he could be replaced. No other team can say that.
  2. Colts (7-2) - The weirdest game I have ever seen. They fought back with their practice squad despite Manning forgetting how play. I will give them a mulligan despite the best kicker ever missing a gimme.
  3. (3a) Cowboys (8-1) - So McNabb, where does the road to the Superbowl run through in the NFC? You better thank Westbrook for saving your job. The Boys have the most difficult schedule of the top tier NFC teams. We will find out over the next, say 4 weeks, what this team is really made of.
  4. (3b) Packers (8-1) - Is Favre really 38? Do you realize that Grant rushed for more yards against the Vikings than the defending rushing champ? He was also the first 100 yard rusher against the Vikings this season. Who said they don't have a running game? Oh yeah that was me. My bad.
  5. (3c) Steelers (7-2) - I love what Big Ben did in this game. The Browns came to play and it looked like they had it under control. But Rothle, uh Roethes, er, Rothsl, Big Ben put the team on his back and guided to a win in a fantastic game by both teams.
  6. Jags (6-3) They essentially replace the Titans, though I am not completely comfortable saying they are the 6th best team in the NFL.
  7. Giants (6-3) - Is it me, or is this de ja vu? Weren't they 6-2 last year before they lost to the Cowboys? Weren't they 5-3 the year before that? How many playoff games did they win? Just asking.
  8. Lions (6-3) - I did not see this coming. I didn't think they would start their losing streak until the Giants game. But then again, that one actually looks winnable for them. They may not stay here much longer.
  9. Browns (5-4) I know they lost this week, but just like I said in my picks it was closer than people thought it would be. At this point it is a true toss-up between them and the Skins and right now I think the Browns could take them. I think they could beat the Titans also.
  10. Bills (5-4) - For those who don't think they belong here, I have a question for you. Have you actually been watching them? In terms of playing power football, they are getting it done. How long can they keep it up? I don't know. I will say this, look for them to give the Pats their biggest scare of the season. I am not using the "U" word just yet.
  11. Lifer - I know I'm setting a dangerous precedent here because the Bills are ranked, but what the heck this is the only spot that really matters anyway.

On the verge:

Bucs (5-4) They not quite a top 10 team, but if I expanded my rankings they would come in at 12.

Redskins (5-4) - I really wish I could figure this team out. I though for sure they would be battling the Cowboys for first place when they meet up in a couple weeks. Now, it looks like they will be fighting for control of the wild card.

Titans (6-3) - Once again Vince Young deserves the opposing team's MVP of the game. He tends to keep both teams in the game, but he does make some spectacular plays (for both teams).

Oso en Dallas - Because his polar bear is sticking his tongue out at me

Mizzou Tigers - Who woulda thunk that his Tigers would be ranked in the top 10, plus he's dang good at making picks

Tracy00214 - One of the few Patriots fans that I know who are not obnoxious.

Thanks for reading.


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