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Who would have thought that the Bears would not just make the playoffs, but be the first team to clinch their division before the season? Yet here they sit in prime position to lock up the #2 seed in the upcoming weeks. However, it still seems they aren't getting much respect.

Think about it, when was the last time that a top 2 seeds chances were brushed off as much as it seems the Bears are by the media. All i hear is "they got lucky", and "the schedule is why the have the wins". Luck always plays a factor in every team, and i don't think that proof exists to say that it is why the Bears are winning. Tom Brady got lucky that the packers defense had the hands of a double amputee in the GB game, but thats not talked about. The NFC west has an easy schedule yet they aren't piling up wins. 

The reason the Bears win is simple, it's the same formula they have always followed under Lovie. Get a defense that is quick that bends but doesn't break. Try to force turnovers, while limiting risks on offense that could result in turnovers. Add a special teams unit that is the best in the business and you have a team that is going to win more often then not.



Deon Sanders brought it up, and i have to agree with him. Devin Hester belongs in the Hall of Fame. The impact of a kick returner can not be measured in tds alone, although if you want to use that standard he's the leader as well (16 total if you count the Super Bowl return and the fg return). The numbers he has put up in the short amount of time he has been in the league is mind blowing.

The return yards and average tell just a short amount of the story. Even when he doesn't touch the ball on a return he still makes a huge impact on the game. Teams get scared of his presence and kick the ball out of bounds giving his team great field position and a better chance to win. I believe that the best of every position should be in the Hall of Fame, and DH is clearly the GOAT. His antics helped carry a below average team into the Super Bowl, and helped carry the Bears again this year. After seeing his impact the whole league has put a greater emphasis on return men, using draft picks to take players solely in the hopes they will be the next Hester. He broke records, changed the game, and caused nightmares for punters and coaches throughout the league. Put him in the Hall.

Did you know?

Much is talked about Matt Ryan and his impecable home record. Curious as to who the blemish is on Ryans home resume? The last QB to beat him was none other then Jay Cutler. Dare i say a repeat in the near future. 

Chicago Quick Hits: 

 -With Boozer missing the opening weeks of the season, and now Noah out for 10 weeks D Rose is going to get his due. If he can keep up his shooting pace and fg as well as 3 pt %percentage (both better then KD and Kobe) he will be top 3 in MVP voting at the end of the year and possibly the winner. They have already gotten through the roughest part of their schedule, and you can already pencil them in as division champs.



-What an off-season for Chicago's major league baseball team: Konerko, Dunn, AJ, stealing Crain from the Twins, getting rid of Linebrink ( i hope nobody thought this was going to be about the Cubs i did say MAJOR LEAGUE TEAM). As much as everyone is talking about the Phillies pitching, the White Sox staff is just as intriguing. It's already shown that its a top 5 staff and with youngsters who still have the best to come and the possibility of Peavy actually living up to his name (without the pressure of having to be the ACE) the staff could be even better. The lineup looks just as good. They will be near the top of the leagues in HR's, and if Carlos Q and Bacon can avoid injuries and live up to potential this team could be playing in November.



Also a special thank you to Kerry Wood for passing on the White Sox much more generous offer to go back to the Cubs.


Thoughts outside of Illinois:

MY top 5 in NCAA football

1. Auburn 

2. Wisconsin

3. Oregon

4. Stanford

5. Oklahoma


-Is Mike Vick the new Brett Favre?? I'm not talking durability or sexting; but rather media love child. He already ruined a whole year of my life when he was dealing with his charges and the focus of ESPN 24/7 (ala Favre retirement). Now it seems like every week some reporter is doing a segment on the "amazing" transformation of Vick. "Vick says he may want to own a dog some day. " Vick says he is being treated unfair by refs". "Vick says it only takes him 2 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop". For all those who think media lovechilds stop with the exit of Favre; pray that Vick doesn't manage to win the Super Bowl. It will be Favre retirement and "Saints save Katrina" combined.



-The Magic trade will generate much talk and discussion in the upcoming weeks, but to me it seems like its a whole lot of nothing. It seems they just looked for a way to get rid of Lewis and Carter, without any concern of actually helping out their weakness: defense to help Dwight. The offense may be better, but i think the D takes a hit as well as depth.

-NFC predictions:




Rams (got to stick with my preseason gut pick)


Giants - don't see the Packers being able to handle that rush and protect Rodgers




UCONN womens basketball - for 89 straight and bringing attention to womens basketball


The Clippers - for drafting Blake Griffin, hope he stays healthy. He's just behind Rose on my "must see player/ what the **** can they do next" list.




December 21, 2010  11:34 PM ET

when did said comment happen and how was it removed?

December 22, 2010  12:07 AM ET

when did said comment happen and how was it removed?

probably spam

December 22, 2010  08:02 AM ET

Nice blog! Read every word.

Cubs > Sox.

December 22, 2010  02:36 PM ET

Merry Christmas to you. But Oregon #3? As John McEnroe said: "YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!"

December 22, 2010  08:11 PM ET

December 23, 2010  10:09 PM ET

Great blog!!!

FN wants more!!!

December 23, 2010  10:12 PM ET







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