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A local radio host in my area recently asks the "How we can get better match ups during the non-conference college football season?"  He mentions that the college basketball has good non-conference match ups, mostly because of the many regular season mini- tournaments.  After thinking about it for about a week, here is the idea I came up with: 

Have every team that plays in a bowl game get to add one extra game to their regular season the following year; provided that the extra game is played against another non-conference team that also played in a bowl game the previous year.  

The teams that make a bowl game are the elite teams in college football, at least the top half.  To have them play each other in the following season will cause everyone to benefit.  First, that fans will benefit that they will have good match ups to watch during the regular season.  Second, the TV networks will pay the NCAA and schools big money to show these games to the fans. Third, the teams will benefit with a stronger strength of schedule. 

This creates a lot very good match up possibilities.  First, the top non-BCS schools can match up against the BCS schools.  So games like Boise State vs. Virginia Tech can happen every year. They can no longer use the excuse that they do not have room on the schedule to play each other.  Second, we can have a rematch of a bowl game from the previous post season.  Third, you can even have the conference vs. conference challenges.  A conference knows that they will have at least three to five teams qualify for a bowl game every year; and therefore will qualify for the extra game added to their schedule (especially a BCS conference).  The conference could step in and say that the top three teams from our conference will play the top teams from another during the regular season. 

If NCAA will not give us a playoff, then at least they can give us this.      

December 26, 2010  10:05 PM ET

There are a couple of flaws in that plan though. One just because a team goes to a bowl this year doesn't mean they will be any good the next year. Two, just because a team goes to a bowl doesn't mean they are elite. there are 35 bowls this year which mean 70 of 120 FBS teams go to bowls. More than half. So at best a school would have a name opponent on the schedule, but not neccessarily a good team. At worst they would all try to schedule teams like Army, Middle Tennessee State, or Miami of Ohio the next season in the extra game.

December 27, 2010  10:28 PM ET

Of course if a team is good one year does not mean that they will be good the next. Just look at Texas from last year to this year. Past performance does not guarantee future results. (Sound like a financial advisor.) Also, college team will always have turn over every year; either due to seniors or underclassmen leaving earlier for the pros. Still, if you compare the final polls at the end of the season to the preseason polls of the next season, you find that at least 2/3 of teams from both polls are the same. Therefore, the previous season is the best indicator of which teams might good the next; even though it is not perfect.

The teams that qualify for bowls have to have at least a .500 record. Not all teams above .500 are big name teams, but that better than below .500 teams. I know that there is the strength of schedule factor. I was looking at this as another reward for the previous season, and to help their strength of schedule for next year. ( I also thought about limit to the top 30 teams in the final BSC poll. )

Now if teams like Auburn would schedule Army, while Wisconsin play Oklahoma, then Wisconsin and Oklahoma would have the strength of schedule edge over Auburn. The schools can determine their own gamble with the extra game. Now teams like Utah, Nevada, Miami(Ohio), etc. would like to the opportunity to see how they will compare to the top BCS schools.


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