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the second half of the season is almost here and i'm gonna throw out some names that i think are gonna shine and then some that are gonna bust...remember, i never said i knew everything, just going with my gut and some of the things i've seen in the first the way, i'm not afraid to be wrong and that helps me more times than not in this fantasy stuff.....lets get it on!!!! Winners...the 5 guys that i think are going to make some progress in the 2nd half are..... 5. Chris Henry-not going out to far here on the old limb, but he's a good one to get..he was around in 2 of my three leagues before last weekends 90+ yard game..grab him if you can. 4. Dwayne Bowe- heck of a receiver..his game last weekend really showed me that he's got skills to be a good one..The Croyle kid can wing it too, so don't be scared about that... 3. Justin Fargus-as much as it hurts to put a raider in here, he's good...sure he won't last long behind that line, but you're not signing him to a multi-year deal here..get him if you can..good second or third option at least... 2. Selvin Young-now i know you gonna say "it's Bronco love," and maybe you're right..however, i didn't see anything suday that would keep me away from picking up this kid up..he runs, as they say "downhill" and isn't afraid to take or give a good pop..another good 2nd or 3rd option..besides, travis henry's high right now, are you gonna start him? 1. Marc Bulger- "he's a probowler, how you gonna pick him?" well let me tell you kids..i pick him #1 because he is a pro-bowler..he knows how to win and when he's healthy, there's not another guy in the league (brady and manning not withstanding) who can throw it like he can..he's been here before and has everything it takes to put up some #'s..ok, he doesn't have a line, at all, but he can still get it done..did you see him against the aints/saints? if you can grab him, do it... I don't mean that kind of busts....but here's the busts.... 5. Cedric Benson- i'm sorry you drafted this guy, really, i am..but he's not your brother or anything, dump him or trade him to some dumb kid..he's aweful..he's a reincarnation of curtis enis..and curtis enis is now my insurance salesman....just kidding... 4. Jay Cutler-ouch, he's my boy, just not in the world of fantasy football..his descision making skills are about as sharp as wrecks gross-man's..yikes..not this year kids..he's just not ready yet.. 3. Shaun Alexander-he's done..he and cb should open up a bar and move out of the way...if you wasted a pick on this character, once again, i'm sorry...2 tds guys, 2 tds..that's all i'm a say... 2. Ahman Green-i know you weren't thinking this cat could still play were you? they didn't let him out of Green bay for nothing...260 yards and 2 tds...that's for the season, not a game 1. Vince "All he does is win" Young- I'm so tired of hearing that crap..he's overrated..4tds and 10 picks..and he looks like maybe he isn't i'm not a world class athlete, but if that was my line, i'd be looking like i cared a little bit...he's an all or nothing guy..not some one you can count on everyweek and not some one who should lead your fantasy team..i hope you know that..if not, here's a hammer...not go outside and hit yourself with don't do that, you'll just make a mess in the yard... so there you go..take or leave it..lets hear what you've got.......ZaZ


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