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 All Hail Rick Adelman!!!

Sorry, Ive been away for so long.  Ive had to switch my NBA league pass on and divert from the NFL for a week or so. The Rockets have had me in a daze...however, being that they are in the conference they are in, all of their wins mean nothing except that they better keep on winning to stay along side of the other teams that are also doing just as well. So, they wont let Steve Francis play because  he didnt show up to camp in the condition that he should have. Frankly, I wouldnt have even cared if we got him back at all.  Steve Francis will only be good this year as a nice bench player in case Alston get injured or needs a break...and even given that, he might be a 3rd bench player. Im from Houston and I know what Steve means to the community but, on the court....I dont think I agree with the croud chanting out wanting to see him play. He is good for some points and maybe he will surprise me since he doesnt have his butt buddy Catino Mobley pulling at his shorts like last they played in the city together but, as for now, Im fine seeing him laying under the bench, getting paid, enjoying watching his teamates win. can I say...Ive wanted to see him play at this level since day one.  I was a doubter in the beginning. I would get frustrated that he played China style without being as aggressive as one needs to be in the NBA. Great big men dont come along too often...good ones come and go but, the Rockets have been sweating trying to get another Hakeem for many years now. Its nice to see Yao show some aggressive expression after dunking on somebody. He still needs to follow through more and not be butterfingers when a defender gets in his face. ...its embarassing. He needs a few more times of dunking on three people at once and making sure that the closest opponent gets a good smell of his shorts....then, his confidence will be greater. This is the first year that I enjoy watching him without wondering if I should close my eyes as he gets the ball.

Coach: Put Mutombo in more often....let him show Yao in real playing time how it needs to be done. As you have noticed, when the game gets a little boring and you do put Mutombo in, the crowd is instantly aroused as he always makes early great aggressive plays.

Tracy: ITS ABOUT MF TIME! What can I say other than Tracy has blossomed into a real superstar..beyond the shoe commercials that is. It started last year but, his teamates were still gellin. Thats the problem with the Rockets...they are always in "gellin" mode...and then they break everyone up and are always starting over. Tracy has finally glued HIS team together and with that, he is a more confident player...He feels like he has real back-up no matter who he gives the ball to....example? well, Shane Battier...also, finally a veteran.

 And, lets not forget that our stars can take a rest and know that they are being releived by other stars like Mike James, Luis Scola, Chuck Hayes, Luther Hayes, and Bonzi Wells....I see the playoffs coming! There are few great benches in the NBA...thank God we have one of them.

And just in case you think this is all opinion with no real facts surrounding my brain...Ive noticed that the Rockets have finally gotten a true mix of great veterans (2 over 10years exp, 6 over 5 years exp, and 7 pairs of fresh legs) with just enough fresh legs to keep them going. It hasnt been this exciting since I was in High School watching Hakeem Olajuwon, Clyde Drexler, Vernon Maxwell (with his purple porche going to KFC...yea I saw you!), Otis Thorpe, Kenny Smith(when he was the catch in the clubs), Robert Horry (before he took speach classes), Sam Cassell (when he first landed from Mars), Mario Elie, Carl Herrera, Chucky Brown, Pete Chilcutt, Tracy Murray, Scott Brooks, Tim Breaux, Zan Tabak, Charles Jones, and Adrian Caldwell.....and old drunk Rudy coaching...all Champions!

Stay tuned as I continue to fall in love with the Rockets as the damn Texans keep "gellin"  lol...glad to be back!





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