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OK, so some of these are obvious, others, not so much...





5.Vince Young-This one is kind of iffy, as a lot of fantasy experts did not believe he would do well this year, but the general playing community believed otherwise. The bottom line is, he is not, and will never be a good fantasy QB, but, the guy can win football games. 4 TDs and 10 INTs hurts him, but the fact that he hasn't been running that well hurts him even more. That was supposed to be what separated him from the rest of the mediocre fantasy QBs, to take on the role of Mike Vick. Right now, the guy who was projected as a top 6 fantasy QB, is nothing more than a borderline #2 fantasy QB.


4.Travis Henry-I can attest to this one, as I took Henry 14th overall in my league, got good production for about 4 games, then he dropped off the face of the Earth. The marijuana, the injury, all of this hurt his value, not to mention Shanahan and Selvin Young. He was supposed to be a #1/#2 fantasy RB, but now its hard to start him.


3.Rudi Johnson-Another guy I took high and got screwed on, he had one good game, against the Browns, and then got injured, and hasn't beaten out Kenny Watson yet. For a guy who was taken around 11 in pretty much every league, 242 yards and 0 TDs is terrible. He is starting to get healthy, but he is still a bust this year.


2.Frank Gore-He was taken around 6 in a lot of leagues, but has not produced the way a #1 running back should be. He has 507 yards and 3 TDs in 8 games, which aren't terrible numbers, but he was a beast last year, and hasn't lived up to that. He was supposed to be a top 5 pick in every type of league, with 1500 yard, 12 TD potential, but now he is a benchable player.


1.Shaun Alexander-He just hasn't produced this year. He was supposed to bounce back from the Madden Curse, but it just never happened. Alexander is also a guy who was your every week starter, who is now benchable.




5.Tom Brady-Everybody knew he would be good, but THIS good? His season has been incredible, and he has already passed his projected stats. Even with 17 new receivers, it was supposed to take time to adjust, get to know these guys, find a rythm. Well, I guess not.


4.Ronnie Brown-Before he got hurt. Coming into this year, it was rumored that he would have to split time with Jesse Chatman, then, Ronnie became the highest scoring fantasy back at that time. He saved fantasy teams who had been 0-2 because of him. Until his knee injury, he was the best fantasy back in football.


Until #3 came along...


3.Adrian Peterson-Everyone knew he had potential, that he cold be great...No one knew it would be this soon. Chester Taylor is the starter...Chester will get 50% of the touches. We heard Childress say these forever. He was wrong. This kid went crazy against the Bears, and hasn't let up, until that partial ACL tear. Still, AD is one of the biggest Surprises in fantasy this year.


2.Braylon Edwards-He was one of those guys who was expected to break out, because it's his third year. Nobody expected 752 yards and 10 TDs. His success can be attributed to...


1. Derek Anderson-This guy wasn't even drafted in many leagues. No one outside of Cleveland (and me) had heard of him. He stumbled through his first game, then went crazy. 2231 yards and 20 TDs isn't bad for a guy who had to back up Charlie Frye last year, and was supposed to be just holding a spot for Brady Quinn.


Any disagreements can be left in the comments. 


Honorable Mentions...(added 445 PM 11/14)



Steven Jackson-#2 pick in a lot of leagues, injuries have killed his season, but he hasn't played terrible in the games he played in...


Laurence Maroney-Again, top 20 pick, gets injured, then gets replaced in the starting lineup, and now has is not the best back on that team...


Marc Bulger-Started atrociously, but has picked it up down the stretch.




Tony Romo-He has played well this year, but he has T.O., which is kind of why I didn't put him on the list... 



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