Miami's new Golden boy, new head football coach Al Golden.  An unheralded, yet promising, young football coach who put Temple Univesity on the map.  That's Temple I say; so you know the type competition he had - Villanova, Buffalo, Akron - Ok.  He won one more game than Coach Shannon with his 8-4 record this year.  He'll be going up against an ACC leauge that has been gearing up for the likes of FSU and Miami since they both came into the ACC.  Both of them haven't done that well.

Miami's Athletic Director should get off the soapbox of "directing the Canes back to national prominance".  He should admit that by hiring a coach of this sort, that they have conceeded that the "swagger" won't be found for a long time to come.  The big named coaches that Miami tried to get this year, as in every year, refuse to take the job.  I personally think that Leach would have been perfect for Miami's job because of his style of play, not to mention his arragance.  Yet Miami settles for a coach from a conference that nobody even cares about.  My Canes are not state champs anymore.  Ask USF.

December 30, 2010  12:42 AM ET

Al Golden was a great hire. Golden worked wonders at Temple. He took Temple to their first bowl apperance in like 20+ years last year and they should have been in a bowl game this year. He recruits very well. He landed Bernard Pierce a lightly recruited player who has been a star for Temple.

Just because Golden isn't the big name coach or the popular pick doesn't mean that he isn't a good coach and that it wasn't a good hire. If you can go 8-4 with the limited talent pool and talent that Temple has then your doing somthing right.

BTW on your point about their competition being weak, Temple beat UConn 30-16 a BCS bowl team not to mention that Nova even though they are a DIAA team could easily compete in the likes of the C-USA, MAC, and the Big East and infact in a couple of years Nova will be in the Big East.

January 3, 2011  12:58 AM ET

Look, we have no problem going to bowls. It seems of late that that's all our goal is, to just get into a bowl, ANY BOWL! Golden has done great at Temple. Before Golden, when I thought of Temple I thought of Bill Cosby. Golden has put Temple on the map, BUT! who's he been playing? Nobody.

You mentioned Temple beating UConn. Is that it? UConn's an upstart division one anway. UConn's not even a Boise State, a TCU, nor a Utah. These "upstarts" are now legitamite DIV 1 clubs. Golden's limited talent pool, per say, still went up against teams with limited talent, Oh, I forgot they did beat one "good " team (UConn).

The only thing I can see in his hiring, is that he's an outsider, which means, he has no local ties, which means, he will not be partial. Shannon / Harris had local ties at Miami Northwestern High School. It didn't work. Personally, I'm glad he's gone, and I hope Golden will do as I suspect, bench Harris for a more better passer, and mobile QB such as Morris or another transfer that will become available soon.

Golden is from an area that has BIG offensive lineman; we can expect to see some of that "blue chip" talent make it's way to South Florida merely because of Al Goldens' presence. Miami is still a draw and with the "right" coach that has the "right" mindset, success is eminent.

Bottom line here: Miami admits that they can't get a big name hire by Golden's hiring. I'm not saying the guy can't coach, his record proves otherwise. He will be tested in a "real" division 1 enviroment, not the atomosphere he just came from.

January 3, 2011  01:42 PM ET

I agree with a lot of what your saying, but the talent that Temple typically gets is bad for even the MAC. The recruits for Temple are usually DI-DIAA fringe recruits. Golden changed that and turned a loser into a winner at Temple. If he can do it there he can do it at Miami.

The thing that most impresses me is that he was able to coach up his recruits so well. To quickly turn around a program. There are plenty of schools that land great recriuits, Clemson for instance is always bringing in a top 15-25 recruiting class, yet they can never seem to really crack the top 25 or even be a contender in the ACC (outside of last year that is). Golden can recruit then coach up his recruits which is why i love the hire.

He did great on even playing field. Meaning Temple played well against MAC teams. Teams that had similar players and similar talent pool and supply. He can do the same at Miami and in the ACC.


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