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The Eagles after their shocking come from behind victory against the New York Giants had everyone calling them the favorites in the NFC.

Income the 5-9 Minnesota Vikings a 14 point underdog. The Eagles were supposed to roll over the Vikes just a bump in the road type of game until they reached the post season.

Not only did the Eagles lose at home but they got manhandled. The Vikings kicked the **** out of Mike Vick the entire night. The front four for the Vikes was dominating. The secondary despite the dropped picks played very well. Joe Webb looked like a season veteran against a pretty good Eagles defense and secondary.

This game should have been a walk through. It was a home game against a Vikings team that had struggled all season, was playing with a rookie QB who was making his very first start, and had nothing to play for. The Eagles came out flat and were flat the entire game. Vick was off, they couldn't get the run going and the Eagles o-line looked atrocious last night.

Some other thoughts...

 DeSean Jackson was pathetic. Run your routes hard even if your not the number one option. If he doesn't think hes getting the ball hes running a route at 50% which is pathetic. He may be the laziest player in the NFL. The Eagles are not going to give him the contract he demands, so he will either hold out or just won't be a Eagle next season.

I was really dissapointed in Adrian Peterson last night. He was really bottled up the entire game but busted off a couple of 15-25 yard runs which is why his statline looked so good. It seemed to me that he was consistently getting 2-3 yard runs then he would break off a 20 yarder. Not a good showing despite the fact that his stats looked good.

Really impressed with Jamar Chaney and Antonio Dixon. Chaney has filled in fantasticly for the Eagles over the past couple of weeks and has really been a force in stopping the run and i think he will be the starting MLB from here on out for the Eagles which means that Bradley can move back to his natural position of strongside linebacker. Dixon is a rising star at the DT position. He is consistently making plays for the Eagles game in and game out.

One last thought Dimitri Patterson is pathetic. I have never seen a CB in the NFL get burned so consistently. As soon as a reciever makes a cut Patterson is behind him. I'd give Joselio Hansen a shot at this point. Ellis Hobbs being injured is really hurting this team.


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