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The Year that was 2010. What a year? I would say. Giants actually being successful in something other than wieners.


Here are some of the highlights that feel are important. Feel free to add to the list in the comments.


-Tiger Woodie..err Woods.Some 2009/2010



In the midst of cheating on his wife and stuff he looses his number one world ranking to Lee Westwood. It was one of the odd years when Tiger didn't even win a tournament. Not one at all. He still knows how to put it in the hole though.


Looses sponsorships with Gillette and possibly Buick. Although Nike and Gatorade stuck with him he still lost many other sponsors. More importantly, he lost a smoking hot wife. What was the dude thinking?


-Da Aint's no more!



Drew Brees and Co. take down the Colts in Superbowl XLIV. Peyton Manning shows that he is not unstoppable. A prolific offense and a timely defense did wonders for the Saints. Drew Brees wins the Super MVP. One of the best heart warming stories in a long time for me. First ever championship in franchise history.


-The LA Lakers win numba two in a row



[sarcasm]Yay! Go Lakers! Woo Who![/sarcasm]. The beat Boston in 7 games. Kobe plays well in the playoffs once again, same old song and dance. . Moving on now...


-San Fran takes home the whaaat?



San Fran takes an odd World Series. Not too many people at the start of the MLB season expected to see the San Fran Giants, who struggled on offense, but has a solid, young pitching staff against the Texas Rangers. Texas made a splash for Cliff Lee and he pretty much dominated the playoffs. When many expected the Rangers to win..the Giants somehow did.





Led by some young guy that goes by the name on Jonathan Towes (Toes?). A mix between young and old the ???Hawks put it together like a puzzle. It was like poetry and motion. With wingers like Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp and others the Blackhawks had a very good offense. Can???t forget about the man down in the crease, Big Buff. Also solid goalie play by Anti Niemi helped the Hawks win the ship v the Flyers. Oh yeah..The ???Canadians??? won a gold medal.


-'Bama takes BCS championship



31-27 victory over the Colt McCoy-less Texas Longhorns. Nick Satan..err Saban looked pretty good coming into this season. Well..that didn't turn out the way they thought it would did it, Bear? No sir.


-Duke wins NCAA championship



The a-maz-za-zing run to the championship for Butler fell short by a couple of inches to Duke and Coach K. Who really thought Butler, lead by Gordon Hayward, a former tennis player would make it to the ship? Crazy stuff. The tournament was filled with many other whacky stuff, but most memorable for me was UNI v. Kansas. I live right near the UNI campus. Crazy. Awesome.


-Year of the pitcher in general


6 no-nos. Woah.


Roy Halladay- Twice. Once in the postseason. That hasn???t been done for awhile so I think that is pretty impressive.



Matt Garza



Edwin Jackson- The only ugliest no hitter of the season but it still counts as a no-no



Dallas Braden. Is there even an A???s fan on this whole website?



Ubaldo Jimenez



*Cough* Cough* Sneeze* *Cough* Achoo*-Armando Galarraga



-"I will be taking my talents to South Beach"



LBJ6 takes his talents to South Beach to join Chris Bosh and D-Wade. What should I do? Will they win the ship? In my humble opinion, LeBum is a fool. Now he wants to contract the NBA then the next day he claims he doesn't know what contraction means. Moron.


-Favre returns and has some pictures of his "MVP" or "Little Quarterback"



???Go Jets!


That raps up some of the year that was 2010. Feel free to comment on events I probably forgot. Thanks for reading and now a random video of two girls slapping eachother.
December 30, 2010  02:59 PM ET


December 30, 2010  03:39 PM ET

Bravo! Encore!

But the pics dont work :(

December 30, 2010  03:40 PM ET

Lakers and Duke! Hell yeah!

Good job ****.

December 30, 2010  03:40 PM ET



December 30, 2010  03:41 PM ET

Spain winning the World Cup! Soccer is a sport dammit!

December 30, 2010  03:41 PM ET


You son of a...

December 30, 2010  03:43 PM ET

You son of a...

he can delete it. it's his blog. I just wanted to point it out to him

December 30, 2010  03:46 PM ET

Little Quarterback. Ha!

Nice recap, ****.

Comment #9 has been removed
December 30, 2010  03:53 PM ET



December 30, 2010  03:54 PM ET

Bravo! Encore!But the pics dont work :(


December 30, 2010  04:28 PM ET

Nothing like a compliment followed immediately by an insult.

It's a term of endearment for Assassin only!

December 30, 2010  09:02 PM ET

Good stuff, Assman.

Glad to see the Blackhawks get a shout out. But you shouldn't forget about the great hockey at the Winter Olympics, too.

And where's the Spider / Sonnen fight? I figured that would be your highlight of the year.

December 31, 2010  02:19 AM ET

Good stuff, Assman. Glad to see the Blackhawks get a shout out. But you shouldn't forget about the great hockey at the Winter Olympics, too.And where's the Spider / Sonnen fight? I figured that would be your highlight of the year.

I always forget something. Thank you very much.


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