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Have they stopped tossing flags in Big D yet? It was sure a lot of fun watching the Cowboys and Redskins on Sunday night, don't you think? The flags came in bunches, one or more per play. Sometimes it seemed the officials noticed a colleague tossing a flag and quickly went, "ooh, ooh, me, too. I saw a penalty. Call mine." ENOUGH. Let's hope the NFL quickly figures out a way to let its officials call penalties that need to be called and let the game continue undisrupted. That was awful.

Too bad, too, because Week 2 of the NFL season (with one beauty to come tonight) was brilliant in most respects. The best (particularly for Giants fans and Eagles disdainers) was the Big Blue Team of Destiny's overtime victory in Philly. Down 24-7, getting beat every which way and they came back. The Giants? Hmmm. Maybe something different is happening there. Of course next week they go out to the House of Noise in Seattle, so we'll keep down the anticipation of the Giants going to Miami in February.

(It's the second week, you bozo. Miami? They could wind up 4 and 12.)

The Cowboys-Redskins game ended a very interesting day for  the NFC East with the four teams playing one another and leaving the feeling that these are greatly flawed teams. 

(Speaking of greatly flawed teams, can NBC's coverage be any more ordinary? It's bordering on making Sunday Night 'Cannot Watch TV'.)

The Redskins were rotten. No offense, shaky defense, nuthin'. They were done in by a player who wasn't on the field, Clinton Portis (whose dislocated shoulder has now been a problem for six weeks and it looks as if that could go on for a while), and one who was, Mark Brunell (that was painful to see). The Cowboys were better but not by enough to call them the division's best. And now they're missing Terrell Owens for a few weeks. The Eagles played a bit of all right against the Giants but the score was, of course, 30-24 for the G-Men and the Iggles may have lost Jevon Kearse who was having a Freak-ish game.

The other East, in the AFC, is going to be a New England thing again, no matter how many players and assistant coaches become ex-Pats. Brady and Belichick are more than enough to overcome a weak group. And for sheer enjoyment, play, replay, TIVO, cache, download the two touchdown catches by the Jets that got them back in the game in the second half against the Patriots. Jerricho Cotchery amazed with his balance and presence of mind to score from 71 yards out and then Laveranues Coles had a spinning, speedy, spectacular 46-yarder that made you look again to make sure that, yes, a New York Jet had made such a great play.

Last for our week, is our new favorite team the New Orleans Saints. They're 2 and 0; Drew Brees is more than hoped for at QB, and Reggie Bush shows how good he will be as he dazzles the Packers while stiff-arming the NCAA dogs at his heels.



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