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OK, I'll be the first to admit, I was on the bandwagon a couple of years ago. You know the one. The hordes of New Englanders that were calling for Danny Ainge's head on a platter. It didn't have to be a gold plated platter. Any old platter would have been just fine. One minute Antwain was a Celtic, the next minute he wasnt, then he was a Celtic again, and then he wasn't.
Then, we drafted Al Jefferson. My husband (now ex) almost cried in joy. Imagine a 6'4 230 pound man crying when we drafted Al.
We had such high hopes. So high.
Dammit, Celtics fans are a proud bunch. We have a right to be. We have a problem though. We bask consistently in the glory that was the 80's. We put Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, ML Carr, even DANNY "what the HELL have you done to our team" Ainge, on pedestals.
We long for the glory days and the rally at City Hall Plaza.
But the last few years. everything still seemed to go to hell in a handbasket. We couldnt get out of our own way much less win a few games.
We ended up with such a dismal record that all of New England sighed a collective sigh, sold or opted out of their season tickets and focused on the Sox and the Patriots.
What used to be a Nation of Bruins and Celtics devotees, became Red Sox Nation and Patriot Nation.
The records the Celts set at home game sell outs was in jeopardy. Sure Tommy Heinson was still calling the games on FSN but we didn't WANT him calling the games.
We wanted Doc Rivers out, Danny Ainge out and Tommy IN.
Boston fans deluged various local sports radio talk shows and even rock stations like WBCN and WAAF and begged that Tommy come back and coach.
Tommy was a God. He could save us! We knew he could! We just knew it.
We believed that it was Ainge and Rivers who did this to us.
To a certain extent maybe it was. Ainge was inexperienced as a GM. Playing doesn't always transfer to the boardroom or front office.
I have to admit, even during the Celts run in the 80's, I never really liked Ainge. He had shifty eyes. Wouldn't give a straight comment on a straight question. He still doesn't.
But I'm an equal opportunity fan.
I'm about 40 wins away from forgiving Danny and forgetting where Doc Rivers played as a player.
The fact is Ainge pulled some serious moves in the off season. Moves - dare I say it? - 'ala Red Auerbach - God rest his Soul.
For the last 4-5 years, New England has tuned to the Celts when it was the only thing on. No Survivor, No Idol, No Dancing with the Stars.
Now, we're watching once again, for the sheer amazement that IS the Boston Celtics.
Paul Pierce? You deserve this. You deserve what Ainge has tried to do for you.
And Danny? Doc? I'm this close to forgiving you for the last 5 years.


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