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We have now seen a season that has had more upsets than any season in the history of college football with top ranked teams.  It has been a year that teams like Kansas has surprised everyone and though they have not really played a hard schedule; they are undefeated.  If they go to the title game they will deserve it by beating Missouri and Oklahoma; two teams in the top 10.

If LSU goes to the NC they will have survived the SEC with one loss; though at times they have fallen asleep; they will be the team to beat.  It is harder to survive in the SEC but the west is easier.  They have to hope Tenn. wins out ...

Teams like Florida, Georgia, Oregon, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and yes even Missouri and Kansas; have brought excitement in a crazy year in football.  With teams like Ohio State that seemed to have a walk to Michigan losing a week before and teams like Kansas who are supposed to choke.. win.  No team at no time is safe.  Just when you think a team is safe... they lose.  It is the year of balanced teams and the year of power programs in real trouble; Miami and Nebraska.  Who would have ever thought Kansas would score over 70 against Nebraska and then Nebraska would score over 70 against Kansas State who beat Texas.  Miami has struggled but that loss was a shock.

In the SEC  Florida lost to Georgia who beat Auburn but choked against SC.  SC has fallen apart and Tenn who fell apart has somehow been put back together.  It seems LSU has dogged several bullets and may now have a clear shot at the title.  Kentucky who looked invinceable now struggles just to be consistent.  Auburn who seemed to be reborn with the Florida win; looked weak and lacked passion against a huge rival who crushed them on Saturday; UGA.

Oregon has quietly won through the season has suffered one loss. They could win out and be shut out; if Kansas beats Missouri and Oklahoma.  The BCS would jump KU over with points; if they beat two top 7 teams.

A hard look at the overall season shows you teams have balanced out and there is a real need for a playoff.  You could have the conference champs and runner ups play bowl playoff games and make as much if not more money.  That gives teams in the SEC a chance to dream and teams with joke schedules will realize that they have to play real teams out of conference to prepare for the playoffs. 

Now they can have soft schedules and just win to have a shot.  The power teams may have reality if they have to play real teams 3-4 times before getting a shot at the title. 

I know I am probally preaching to the choir but something has to be done.  I am tired of saying what should be done and want to know how can it be done...  I can tell you if we stopped supporting all bowl games and watched them on TV; they may change the system.  As long as they make the money they do not care what is fair.  It is all about the money.  We wonder what athletes get so messed up and corrupt.. It is the system.



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