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Alright, I can't hold off any longer.  I've got to get the Raptors in here, because I've been dying to fix "my team" since I started the blog series.

In 2005 the Raptors drafted Charlie Villanueva 7th overall.  They got Joey Graham 16th overall.  They took Roko Ujic 41st overall.

The starting 5:

Mike James

Mo Pete

Chris Bosh

Jose Calderon/Pape Sowe/Rafael Araujo/Joey Graham/Jalen Rose

I'd love to go back a bit further and redo the draft where they picked Araujo over players like Kevin Martin, Al Jefferson and Jameer Nelson (among others).  However, I start in 2005 and change all three draft picks.  My choices: Andrew Bynum 7th, Danny Granger 17th and Marcin Gortat 41st.

In 2006 they took Andrea Bargnani #1 overall, with the hopes of having a great offensive tandem between him and Bosh.  Not bad, but both players are jump shooters and "soft" in the sense that they aren't bangers and agressive on defense.  Nobody would have ever predicted Rajon Rondo would become the star he is today, but I'd actually take him #1 now that we know he develops into a bigtime PG. 

My 2006 lineup:

Rajon Rondo, Jorge Garbajosa (he did have some great moments in Toronto before his injury), Danny Granger, Chris Bosh and Andrew Bynum.  I'd have Calderon and Gortat coming off the bench first.

We aren't given much in 2007, because we traded away both the 1st and 2nd round picks we had in order to get the players they did.  Notable additions this year we don't have to change or alter our roster to get: Jamario Moon and Jason Kapono.  In 2008, we drafted Roy Hibbert in the first round (and gave up on him almost as fast as we got him) but elected to go with Jermaine O'neal instead.  Bad choice.  With hindsight, we leave Jermaine where he was and elect to keep Hibbert.

By now Garbajosa is out with injury.  We've got Rondo/Calderon in the backcourt.  We've got Gortat, Hibbert, Bosh and Bynum up front.  We've got Granger and Kapono playing the 2 and 3.  We'll keep Demar DeRozan with our last pick.  I like his potential and hussle.

CB4 would stop being a baby by now and realize that Toronto has the makings of a beastly team.  They can go big with this lineup:

PG: Rondo/Calderon

SG: Granger/Kapono

SF: Bosh

PF: Hibbert

C: Gortat/Bynum

Gortat could come off the bench to spell the PF and C positions.  Or stick with the tradtional lineup by playing  Bosh at PF, Bynum at C and have Gortat/Hibbert coming in off the bench.  Then you've got Moon/DeRozan/Kapono at SF, Granger/Calderon at SG and Rondo at the point.

This team would be more talented than any other team in franchise history (assuming they all develop how they have so far).  They would have so many talented players, Bosh would certainly stay with Toronto because they wouldn't have missed the playofs all the time.  Bosh may not be a franchise player, but he was beloved in Toronto.  Plus, with so many key pieces on this team, you don't really need a franchise player.

January 10, 2011  09:22 PM ET

man beat it no cares about the raptors lol j/k... you right tho that would have been a good team not a championship team but a good team all the same.. the problem is no one wants to live in toronto

January 10, 2011  11:01 PM ET

man beat it no cares about the raptors lol j/k... you right tho that would have been a good team not a championship team but a good team all the same.. the problem is no one wants to live in toronto

Which I don't really understand. The city is comparable to NY (I'm not saying it's like NY, as there is only one NY) in terms of weather. You make American dollars and spend it in Canadian dollars (so more often than not, your money is worth more). You can be a national icon, since we only have 1 NBA franchise in all of the country. People from all over the country loved Vince Carter and Chris Bosh. Now we all hate them.


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