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Week 19 Picks


Baltimore Ravens (13-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4)
Line: Steelers by 3. Total: 37.

The Baltimore Ravens are on fire after pushing KC all over the field. The problem is the Pittsburgh Steelers are not going to help the Ravens as much as Todd Haley did. Todd Haley seemed like he was rooting for the Ravens with all of his bone headed decisions. The Ravens only chance at winning this game is through the air, where they have advantage. Flacco has an incredible deep ball, and Mason and Boldin will go up and get it. The problem is Flacco will not have time to throw the ball; he will be picking himself up off the turf all day. Pitt will be able to catch the Ravens sneaking into the box a couple of times which will result in atleast two 60+ yard TDs by Mike Wallace. Pitt wins this battle closely.

Steelers 17 over Ravens 16


Green Bay Packers (11-6) at Atlanta Falcons (13-3)
Line: Falcons by 2.5. Total: 44.5.

Ugh oh, did the Packers find the run game they needed with James Starks? The rest of the NFL should be scared if the Packers can compliment the pass game with a solid run game. With a good run game the Packers can Lambeau Leap all the way to Dallas for the Super Bowl. Wait one problem, Starks will not be able to run against the stout Atlanta Defense. Aaron Rodgers will have to air up the ball A LOT! Jennings and Driver will both catch a few balls and have nice games. The Packers will put up good numbers, and score a lot of points. Atlanta has a QB with ice in his veins; Matt Ryan will target Roddy "roddy" White and Tony "t-pain" Gonazlez all day. Michael Turner will not have a big game running the ball, but he will put his excess pounds to good use protecting Matt Ryans blind side against the likes of Clay "Fabio" Mathews. The Falcons will squeak this game out in front of a loud hometown crowd! Falcons 34 over Packers 31


Seattle Seahawks (8-9) at Chicago Bears (11-5)
Line: Bears by 10. Total: 41.

Jay Cutler will throw 4 interceptions, and the Seahawks shock the world (again)!

Seahawks 13 over Bears 6


New York Jets (12-5) at New England Patriots (14-2)
Line: Patriots by 8.5. Total: 44.5

Say what you want about Rex Ryan, but he is a genius. Of course he knows Bill Belichick is a better coach then him. He is just trying to take the focus off of his players, now all eyes are on him not Sanchez, Braylon, Santonio, LT, Revis and the rest of the gang. NY Jets have the talent to beat the Patriots. Pound for Pound the Jets are a much better team. The problem for the Jets is Brady and his "spread style" offense. The spread offense (5 wideouts) is the only offense that reduces the Revis affect. Brady is always going to have an open receiver; he just needs to find him. The Jets will play tough, and look good losing. The Jets will not be able to stop the Pats offense. Patriots 31 over Jets 24


January 13, 2011  02:52 PM ET

you are calling a lot of real close games.... and i'm not sure how often these games are that close. so here goes.... steelers over balt 34-21, packers over falcons 28-17, bears over hawks 31-14, pats over jets 34-17

January 13, 2011  04:44 PM ET

DallasFan77, you may be right. It will be a good weekend of football!


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