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If only you had to go to college for four years before you could enter the NBA.  The game would be completely different from how it would be today.  During the early days of the NBA, players had to be four years out of high school to be able to be drafted.  LeBron James would be the highly touted rookie instead of Kevin Durant.  Carmelo Anthony would be trying to put off a sophmore slump.  Here would be the top 15 this season if there was this restriction.

1. North Carolina: PG-Ty Lawson/Sophomore, SG-JR Smith/Senior, SF-Marvin Williams/Senior, PF-Brandon Wright/Sophomore, C-Tyler Hansbrough/Junior 6th-Wayne Ellington/Sophomore
This team is loaded.  They didn't lose a great player like many other teams.  Their super sophomore class has to step up and follow the leadership from Williams, who has won a championship on this team.

2. Texas: PG-DJ Augustin/Sophomore, SG-CJ Miles/Senior, SF-Kevin Durant/Sophomore, PF-LaMarcus Aldridge/Senior, C-Conner Atchley/Junior 6th-AJ Abrams/Junior
Texas is returning 4 starters including All-American LaMarcus Aldridge.  Kevin Durant exploded onto the scene.  They are serious contenders for a championship.  Don't sleep on senior Daniel Gibson.  He's a great point guard coming off of the bench.

3. Florida: PG-Taurean Green/Senior, SG-Jai Lucas/Freshman, SF-Corey Brewer/Senior, PF-Joakim Noah/Senior, C-Al Horford/Senior 6th-Nick Calathes/Freshman
Florida is looking to win a championship like the Florida football team did in 2007.  The Gators have had to play the North Carolina-Ohio State dynasty for four years now.  Finally, it seems like they will be able to break through and win it all.

4. Ohio State: PG-Michael Conley/Sophomore, SG-Daequan Cook/Sophomore, SF-Jamal Butler/Senior, PF-Kosta Koufos, C-Greg Oden/Sophomore, 6th-Othello Hunter/Senior: The Thad Five is entering their sophomore year.  This time, they don't have LeBron James.  The three-peat will be difficult, but it isn't out of the question with Oden, Conley, and Butler.

5. Memphis: PG-Derrick Rose/Freshman, SG-Chris Douglas-Roberts/Junior, SF-Shawne Williams/Senior, PF-Joey Dorsey/Senior, C-Hasim Bailey/Sophomore, 6th-Robert Doizer/Junior
Even though Kendrick Perkins has gone onto greener pastures, they still have the most talented roster out of all of the mid-majors.  Derrick Rose is a starter on a team returning almost everyone.  Shawne Williams is a trouble-maker, but he is one of the best players in the country.

6. Duke: PG-Shaun Livingston/Senior, SG-DeMarcus Nelson/Senior, SF-Jon Scheyer/Sophomore, PF-Josh McRoberts/Junior, C-Dwight Howard/Senior, 6th-Greg Paulus/Junior
Duke is looking to give All-American Dwight Howard a championship before he goes on to be a top 5 draft pick in the NBA.  Livingston and Paulus are two of the best point guards in the country, and McRoberts has good potential.

7. USC: PG-Gabe Pruitt/Senior, SG-OJ Mayo/Freshman, SF-Nick Young/Senior, PF-Taj Gibson/Sophomore, C-Robert Swift/Senior, 6th-Dwight Lewis/Sophomore
USC is extremely talented, but some of that talent has yet to progress.  Swift, Pruitt, and Young are still very raw.  Mayo may be a distraction.  If they progress, a championship may be in their future.

8. UCLA: PG-Jordan Farmar/Senior, SG-Darren Collison/Junior, SF-Arron Afflalo/Senior, PF-Luc Richard Mbah a Moute/Junior, C-Kevin Love/Freshman, 6th-Josh Shipp/Junior
UCLA is extremely talented, but they are lacking a front court.  The back court is outstanding with three future NBAers, but Mbah a Moute and Love are very raw.

9. Georgetown: PG-Jonathan Wallace/Senior, SG-DaJuan Summers/Sophomore, SF-Jeff Green/Senior, PF-Patrick Ewing, Jr./Senior, C-Roy Hibbert/Senior, 6th-Jessie Sapp/Junior
Georgetown is a very experienced team, but that doesn't necessarily translate into success.  With the graduation rule, college has all the stars that the NBA should have.  This team would be top 5 if there wasn't the graduation rule.

10. Kansas: PG-Mario Chalmers/Junior, SG-Brandon Rush/Junior, SF-Julian Wright/Junior, PF-Darrell Arthur/Sophomore, C-Cole Aldrich/Freshman, 6th-Sherron Collins/Sophomore
Kansas is a very talented team, but like Georgetown, they aren't the most talented team.  They will try to get to the Final Four, but a championship will be hard.

11. Indiana: PG-Eric Gordon/Freshman, SG-Josh Smith/Senior, SF-AJ Ratliff/Senior, PF-DeAndre Thomas/Junior, C-DJ White/Senior, 6th-Jamarcus Ellis/Junior
Indiana is bringing in arguably the best freshman in the counry with Eric Gordon.  Josh Smith is a high-flyer, and White and Thomas provide a killer post game.

12. Louisville: PG-Sebastian Telfair/Senior, SG-Edgar Sosa/Sophomore, SF-Terrence Williams/Junior, PF-Juan Palacios/Senior, C-David Padgett/Senior, 6th-Derrick Caracter/Sophomore
Louisville is one of the most experienced team in the country.  Telfair is insanely good but insanely inconsistent.  Padgett is one of the best big men in the country.

13. Arizona: PG-Marcus Williams/Junior, SG-Jerryd Bayless/Freshman, SF-Chase Budinger/Sophomore, PF-Jordan Hill/Sophomore, C-Kirk Walters/Senior, 6th-Jawann McClellan/Senior
Arizona isn't the best team in the nation, but it's very talented.

14. LSU: PG-Garrett Temple/Junior, SG-Tasmin Mitchell/Junior, SF-Garrett Green/Freshman, PF-Tyrus Thomas/Junior, C-Glen Davis/Senior, 6th-Terry Martin/Junior
Davis, Thomas, and Green make one of the most terrifying front courts in the country.  The future looks great for this young team.

15. Connecticut: PG-Jerome Dyson/Sophomore, SG-Jeff Adrien/Junior, SF-Rudy G@y/Senior (stupid censors), PF-Andrew Bynum/Junior, C-Hasheem Thabeet/Sophomore, 6th-AJ Price/Junior
For a team that lost no one, they are very young.  Look for them to contend next year with the Bynum and Thabeet show.


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