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I will be posting my NFL rankings after every Monday Night Football game.  I explain each of my rankings at teh bottom of the section (there are three sections).  Here are this weeks NFL Power Rankings:

1. Patriots - (9-0)

2. Dallas - (8-1)

3. Packers - (8-1)

4. Colts - (7-2)

5.Steelers - (7-2)

6. Jaguars - (6-3)

7. Giants - (6-3)

8. Chargers - (5-4)

9. Titans - (6-3)

10. Browns - (5-4)

11. Seattle - (5-4)

12.Buccaneers - (5-4)

Dallas is ahead of the Packers because Dallas has had a harder schedule and they have an all around better team, they do not just have a quarterback, they also have a running game - whereas Green Bay does not have a running game.  The Colts just lost to a slumping Chargers team (good things are in their future), dropping them in a few spots.  The Lions are not in the top 12 because their loss to the 4-5 Arizona Cardinals showed me that they need to beat a top team (they play the Giants this weekend) to be in the top 12.  The Seahawks sneaked into the 12th spot because their offense was terrific and their defense did not allow a point to the dismal 49ers (even though they played the 49ers, getting a shut out against any team is really good and takes lots of skill). 

13. Detroit - (6-3)

14.Buffalo - (5-4)

15.Chiefs - (4-5)

16. Redskins - (5-4)

17. Bengals - (3-6)

18. Bears - (4-5)

19. Saints - (4-5)

20. Panthers -(4-5)

21. Ravens - (4-5)

22. Vikings - (3-6)

Detroit will be knocked down a few spots is they lose this weekend, but they are number 13 because of their record and team quality.  They would be in the top 12, but they need to prove that they can win against more challenging oppenents.  The Vikings should be very happy that they are even in the middle of the pack, they are not going to be their next time unless they win - and I doubt that because they will be missing Adrian Peterson for at least 1 game.  The Saints just got embarrased by the formerly winless Rams.  If Bufflao can prove that they can beat one of the Best Teams in the Country, they will move to at least spot number 13, possibly even to the top 12.  If they can not win then they might drop only one spot because of the difficulty of their upcoming game (New England Patriots).

23. Cardinals - (4-5)

24. Texans - (4-5)

25. Broncos - (4-5)

26. Eagles - (4-5)

27. Falcons - (3-6)

28. 49ers - (2-7)

29. Raiders - (2-7)

30. Rams - (1-8)

31. Jets - (1-8)

32. Dolphins - (0-9)

The Cardinals are at the top of this section because they not only beat a very good Detroit Lions team.  Congratulations to Scott Linehan for getting his rundown offense out of the cellar position in the rankings and for getting them to perform so good that they actually won a game . . . and by a wide margin.  The Miami Dolphins are in danger of going in to double digit loses before they get their first win.  The Dolphins will stay in the cellar until they win at least one game.  The St. Louis Rams could jump out of the bottom 3 with a win over the 49ers and a loss by the Raiders.  The Houston texans should get a win this week and the Saints just got manhandled by the Rams.  This section of the rankings may not change much assuming that every team follows what they have done the whole year (losing).

If you disagree with any of my picks, then please comment on that and tell me what you would have done differently.


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