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I don't think there is a soul in the world who would argue with me when I say that Brett Favre had the worst year of his entire NFL career. His statistics were of the worst kind, his team was miserable at best, he was banged up all year, and worst of all he got busted with the whole 'sexting' debacle during the season. He even got his 'dream' receiver in Randy Moss, but that blew up just like everything else did this year. But you know what? None of that was the worst part of Brett's year. The worst part of his year is still ongoing, believe it or not. The worst part of Brett Favres year is a guy named Aaron Rodgers, who happens to quarterback his former team, the Green Bay Packers. They are in the NFC Championship game today playing the Chicago Bears for the rights to Super Bowl XLV. No matter what happens in the NFC Championship game today, Green Bay is set for the next 10+ years at quarterback. They have a great one in Aaron Rodgers. The reason that is Bretts biggest nightmare is because of the fact most of Green Bay has already forgotten about him (not entirely, though) because they never had to go without a franchise QB after Brett left. Let me give two examples: Dallas and the 49ers. After Aikman retired in Dallas, the Cowboys went many years without a franchise qb. Not until Romo, who still isn't considered to be anything like Aikman. In San Fran the 49ers were ok when Montana got old. Because they had Steve Young. But they could never replace Young, and are still looking for that next great quarterback. That didn't happen in Green Bay. They had their next great qb in the waiting. So Bretts biggest nightmare may be that his team for so long may have a better quarterback than he ever was. Why? Because Rodgers appears to be a LOT more selfless than he was. And who knows? Maybe Rodgers walks away from the game with all the Super Bowl trophies Favre dreamed about. And THAT would be Brett Favres nightmare.
January 23, 2011  06:40 PM ET

......and now that the Packers beat the Bears, the football just hit Brett Favre in the balls again (like in the video all over Youtube)! Aaron Rodgers has been the qb of the Pack since the 2008 season, when Brett took off (or was kicked out, depending on who you ask lol) and has taken them to the promised land in the 2010 season. The same year that was hell for Favre...starting to feel a little bad for Favre....but then I remember his ego lol

January 23, 2011  09:41 PM ET

The Packers brass simply had great vision when they were drafting Aaron Rodgers.

January 24, 2011  12:24 AM ET

No doubt about that! He is smart and extremely talented. He willl get his real test againt the Steeler defense in the Super Bowl. I will be rooting for him.


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