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It's time to announce our winner from the 11/14/07 blog. It wasn't too close actually. But the winner by 7 votes was:

16. "i would tapout right when he mounts me too lol.

To get the full story on this one you'd have to read the TD. But long story short, our author was talking about an MMA fighter who's terribly brutal. Evidently his opponent dropped to the floor and tapped out as soon as the guy landed on him. we need the explaination for these? You tell me. It might be more fun not knowing.  Here's our next set of fun statements. Many of them are antiquated, but it's still good to look at some prognostications or outrageous claims made by users on here. Without further ado...Here's your sign:


1. Another chump who's fawning over all the Pats FA moves. The only one that might have potential for improvement is the Moss acquisition. Even then it has the potential to rip the team apart. As for Welker, Stallworth and Thomas, we're talking about a return man, injury problems, and a versatile but older LB who could also see health problems.


2. ROFLMAO! It is difficult to believe that anyone can be delusional enough to say NYG's will do anything other than play for a high 1st round pick in the 2008 draft.

3. Davis is a beast allright...horns and all. Got to give him and Richardson props for a great series.

4. The winner of the Rockets and Jazz will not play the Warriors. They will play San Antonio. So most of your argument is moot. The Suns will play the Warriors. This will be a fast paced series, but I think the Suns have a better chance.

5. Why do I have to be smoking crack? Maybe I'm misinformed instead. A quick glimpse of my profile will tell you I know squat about basketball. LOL Next time I'll do my homework before I post a comment. Fair enough?

6. In what dimension (or dementia) of reality will the Panthers be able to do that. Let them find their **** using both hands and a map first.

(They don't know their Right Cheek from their Left Cheek!)

7. The Phillies will not put it together this year until they have a stronger pitching staff that can rival the Mets and Braves.


8. Mark my words, T. O. will have a meltdown this year that will make a mess of the Cowboys. With him it's always someone else and it's because he didn't get the ball every down.

9. Duncan is a great player, but this year there were better. It's not a crime, not even a misdemeanor.

10. Arrington's a scrub for the same reason the Edge James bombed out last year. They both play for the Cardinals, a team that could go to the cast of SpongeBob for a better O-line.


11. Another thought. Does anyone think Garcia will do as well behind the suspect Bucs O-line? It has been the team's achilles heel for the longest time.

12. I'm so disappointed. That's like saying, "And when frogs grow wings they won't bump their butt when they jump." Detroit is a ways off from a wildcard. There would have to be about 8-10 teams that would have to catch the bubonic plague in order for the Lions to make it this year.

13. please go back to MySpace or whatever kids table on the web you're accustomed to playing on. Let the serious sports fans talk here.

14. Jeter has been the leader of his team and brought many SB rings in the process to the Bronx.

15. Whatza wore? Someone who puts on clothes?

16. C'mon, you could put Beckham and his wife naked out on the field and it won't double the audience. Real Salt Lake called their fans to thank them for showing that was a long phone number list.

17. All bow to AdamLee!  quit kissing up and contribute something to the discussion.

18. Leadership is so intangible, and you can't quantify it. So the pocket protector stat pushing types on here have no way to wrap their heads around it.

19. What's wrong with paintball? It's the sport of kings! Kidding....

20. Oh yes...I forgot...the horse collar on T. O. was the best thing Williams ever did in his career for the NFL. Funny how they're teammates now. I wonder how their first team meeting went. "T. O., this is Roy...Roy, this is T. O. Oh that's what you look like from the front." LOL

21. It's a dumb topic, but here we are all discussing it and how dumb it about too much time on one's hands.

22. great comment. I guess the Eagles won't win because you don't like them.

23. Cough*The cover up the insult with a cough is old and lame like its practitioners*Cough

24.He's Zippy the Elf reincarnated.

25. If you say so....and as we all know, preseason means everything.

26. Watch and learn how the Pack will still wind up at .500 at best? LOL

27. The Dolphins will not regret jettisoning Culpepper. He's the probverbial albatross around the neck. Let's not forget the "Ghandi" comment he made when he was released. Talk about your clown in pads!

28. You seriously need to sue the doctor that gave you a labotomy. He might have missed a spot or two.

29. Beer Pong Rules!

30. "Santonio Holmes. Write it down." On what some TP before I wipe and toss? LOL Sorry couldn't resist.

31. TO is not going to be the Cowboys problem. There are so many other areas where the Cowboys can crumble that TO will look like Nero playing the fiddle while Valley Ranch burns.

32. If the Dolphins HC had a web cam, would they call it the Cam Cam Cam?

33. 'Dude hasn't ever taken a full load.'  We still talking football, here? :-)

34. He's thinking of Ditka and his "Levitra salutes Philadelphia" campaign. My only question for Mad Mike Ditka is what the heck are they saluting the city with? ROFLMAO

35. To answer you next to last question, many writers cannot keep up with all teams, or they are just too busy drinking Lattes, etc. to really do their homework.

36. Moss instilled absolute meter maids, Green Bay fans who though he was actually going to moon them, Raiders fans who were wondering when he'd actually play...the list goes on. LOL

37. By your logic we should have made Liberace' a head coach in the NFL and he would have been the best. LOL

38. My eyes hurt from all the bad spelling. Put your comments and arguments in a word processor so you can use Spill Czech and avoid bed grahmer. LOL Sorry...had to spoof myself.

39. We all make mistakes when we blab something without thought. But it wouldn't hurt to actually give thought when posting on here. IMO.

Can you guess who wrote this insidiously insane and ridiculous statements? I'll give you a hint. It was a Noob who joined FN about 7 months ago. Here's another hint:

What a noob!


Here's Your Sign Oso!


Gotta make fun of myself if I'm going to make fodder out of everyone else, right? LOL



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