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  It looks like there will be no empty seats on the Coaches Carousel this year. It looks like there will be 3 job openings for sure and possibly up to a dozen more. 2 openings should have happened several weeks ago. When will Dr. Tom Osborne pull the trigger and get rid of Bill Callahan? Callahan should have been fired a year ago. He has made an embarrasment of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. He took a program, with a storied tradition of winning and playing smashmouth football, and ran it into the ground. Making them the laughing stock of the Big 12 right above Baylor. Husker fans I am surprised you have not run him out of town yet.

  I've heard more than once the name Barry Alvarez a top contender to replace Callahan. There is also rumor of Turner Gill, Bo Pelini and Tommy Tuberville as possible replacements.

  Dennis Franchione should have been fired over a month ago whenever he was under scrutiny over his VIP connection newsletter debockle. He has run that program into the ground also. He acts like he doesn't even want to coach anymore after that emotionless performance he rolled out in Norman a few weeks back. Bill Bern needs to do something quickly before all his recruits decommit and decide to go elsewhere. Waiting till seasons end to evaluate the situation is the wrong answer.

  I've been hearing Mike Sherman, Gary Kubiak, Tommy Tuberville and Bill Cowher as being replacements at A&M. Bill Cowher would be an interesting hire, but I doubt he would want to deal with the headache of the NCAA rules and regulations.

  Guy Morris is more then likely out as the Baylor head coach at seasons end. Word has it that they want to give Mike Singletary the job. I don't know that he would take it or not. Baylor is hard place for anyone to coach at. They need a major upgrade of their facilities. With the success that Texas Tech, Texas and Oklahoma are having it is hard to get any good recruits to come in. It would take someone like Bob Stoops or Pete Caroll to turn that program around.

  Mike Stoops could be looking for another job next year also. His victory over the Ducks lastnight may have saved his bacon though. He still needs to win the rest of his games this season just to be on the safe side of life.

  Houston Nutt and Chan Galey could be gone next year also. Along with Charlie Weiss, but maybe we should wait one more season to see if it is coaching or just the lack of talent.

  We can't forget about Loyd Carr. Will he for sure retire or stick around? I don't know if the University of Michigan can offer Les Miles enough money to leave the swamps of Louisiana or not.

  I am sure there will probably be even more openings at seasons end. We will just have to sit back and see.


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