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(5-4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ (3-6) Atlanta Falcons

Hey, Hey Tampa Bay, this is one of the boring games of the weekend, time to go cut the grass or something. I am going to say the Falcons will win this small rivalry. They are playing better than the Bucs right now, and I think this will be an upset.

The Verdict: 17-13 Falcons


(5-4) Cleveland Browns @ (4-5) Baltimore Ravens

The Browns WERE playing good, and still are. The Steelers defense is just too good for them. Baltimore isn't going to let the Browns sweep them this year, not even at home, however, Derek Anderson will throw some TD's, and the Ravens OFFENSE isn't doing well, so I am going with the Ravens.

The Verdict: 29-13 Browns


(4-5) Arizona Cardinals @ (3-6) Cinncinatti Bengals

The Cardinals have a decent secondary, and the Bengals can't run, if they get shut down on the passing game, they are doomed. I say Cardinals win this one.

The Verdict: 28- 21 Cardinals


(4-5) New Orleans Saints @ (4-5) Houston Texans

2 Evenly matched teams, (Yeah, like 3 weeks ago...). The Saints will win this one big, the Houston defense has flustered weeks ago, letting 25 Points per game. So the Saints win, with help from Drew Brees.

The Verdict: 35-17 Saints


(4-5) Kansas City Chiefs @ (7-2) Indianapolis Colts

Well, the Colts are hungry for a win now, the victim is unfortunately the Chiefs. They will get flat out OWNED. Not much to say otherwise, my prayers go to Brodie Croyle...

The Verdict: 38-7 Colts


(4-5) Carolina Panthers @ (8-1) Green Bay Packers

Here is what seperates this game to decide a winner: Panthers - 3rd String QB, Packers - Brett Favre, any more questions? The Packers will improve to 9-1, so look out Panthers, Steve Smith might wanna leave after this season, unless they get a better CB, and an offensive line to protect the QB better.

The Verdict: 27-10 Packers


(5-4) San Diego Chargers @ (6-3) Jacksonville Jaguars

This is a big game for the Jags, they are 1 game behind the Colts in the division now. The Chargers are coming off of a revved up win over the Colts. Their defense has been playing better recently, and slowing down is the last thing they will do, I am going with the Bolts.

The Verdict: 27-13 Chargers


(2-7) Oakland Raiders @ (3-6) Minnesota Vikings

WHO SCHEDULED THIS GAME!?!?! I am going with the Raiders, they have a better offense, since the Vikings have no QB or Adrian Peterson, that is the bad side for them, I say Oakland gets the magic number, 3!

The Verdict: 21-14 Raiders


(0-9) Miami Dolphins @ (4-5) Philadelphia Eagles

Well..., this game should boost up McNabb's and Westbrook's stats a bit, eh? The Eagles thrash the horrible defense.

The Verdict: 38-14 Eagles


(6-3) New York Giants @ (6-3) Detroit Lions

I don't know what to think, I know what half of you are thinking. "A Battle of the Overrated". Well, I think otherwsie, whoever wins this, is closing in on a Wild Card here. I think the Lions will win, because of the Home advantage and the Best Turnover Ratio in the league, it will frusterate Eli Manning too much, but A LOT of scoring.

The Verdict: 31-24 Lions


(7-2) Pittsburgh Steelers @ (1-8) New York Jets

Do I need to say anything? Nope...

The Verdict: 42-10 Steelers


(5-4) Washington Redskins @ (8-1) Dallas Cowboys

Tied for the biggest NFL Rivalry, this will be a good game. I am choosing the Redskins. They have had better defense, and their offense plays well when feeling pressure. I have notcied it barely, but just trust me, they will beat the Cowboys.

The Verdict: 21-17 Redskins


(1-8) St. Louis Rams @ (2-7) San Francisco 49ers

Well, is their an underdog, or the time you tell your wife you will cook dinner this time? I don't think the 49ers and Alex Smith will win this one, the Rams have a better offense, and both defenses aren't doing the greatest.

The Verdict: 34-17 Rams


(4-5) Chicago Bears @ (5-4) Seattle Seahawks

Seattle has a better offense, and defense down on paper. What is happening to the NFC? 2 Good divisions anymore?

The Verdict: 17-13 Seahawks


(9-0) New England Patriots @ (5-4) Buffalo Bills

Sorry Bills Fans, a storm is brewing through your stadium, Hurricane Brady will toss up your linebackers and make them run for their lives, the Defensive line will be stopped by the Pat's offensive line, and the Receivers have about a 7 Foot difference on the Bills Secondary. Patriots Win.

The Verdict: 38-10


(6-3) Tennessee Titans @ (4-5) Denver Broncos

Who has the better offense and defense? The Titans. Who will win? The Titans will, I don't care where they are playing. They have a good running game and the Bronco defense just opens up holes for them, I am giving this gae to the Titans.

The Verdict: 24-16 Titans


Not a real upset from me, but a few different picks.


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