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Welcome to week 3 of the MLB Offseason Hotplate. If you haven't already read the first two weeks(you would have had to taken temporary residence on the moon), it is simply an overlook of the week's major, well minor as well, transactions througout baseball. Hiya was unable to write this week due to a busy schedule, so I will be filling in. ENJOY!!!

General Analysis: What this week really brought to my attention was that the Tigers are making a lot of mediocre moves this offseason. With the market being relatively weak, I can see that they might very well be bringing in the best available players, but jeez, Jacque Jones? Other than that, it was a busy, yet relatively lackluster week in the offseason, albeit the reports of Alex Rodriguez agreeing to the basic terms of a deal with the New York Yankees. Overall, whatever.

All Major Transactions/News

-Detroit Tigers

Acquired outfielder Jacque Jones from the Chicago Cubs for Utility Infielder Omar Infante.

Signed Closer Todd Jones to a 1 year, 7 million dollar deal.

-Minnesota Twins

Acquired outfielder Craig Monroe from the Chicago Cubs for a player to be named.

-Philadelphia Phillies

Signed RP J.C. Romero to a three year, 12 million dollar contract extension, with a club option for 2011.

-San Francisco Giants

Signed SS Omar Vizquel to a 1 year, 5.3 million dollar deal, with a club option for 2009


Transaction #1

Detroit Tigers bringing in Jacque Jones

Date: Nov. 12

Analysis: Apparently, the Tigers know something that we don't. While they did manage to give one bad player the boot in this deal, they did so at the cost of bringing in another bad player. Jacque Jones was one of the worst outfielders in baseball last year, hitting only 5 home runs in 135 games. Now, that may not be bad coming from a position like pitcher, but anywhere else it is unacceptable. He did hit .285, but his OBP was only .335(below league average), and his SLG. was only .400. This was one of those "I'll take him off your back, you take this guy off mine" deals.

Prediction: Jacque Jones won't play everyday, he'll be platooned with a plethora of different outfielders. However, when he does play, I can guarantee one thing; Detroit will have some pissed off fans.

Transaction #2

Detroit Signs Todd Jones to 1 year deal.

Date: Nov. 12

Analysis: Todd Jones should be thanking writers and baseball fans everywhere. Everyone's skewed view of the importance of that ever so retarded stat, saves, just put 7 million dollars in this guy's pocket. If the Detroit Tigers realised that there are other ways to view a pitchers ability besides the SV column, he might not have gotten this deal. Not only did he post one of the worst ERAs of any full time closer not named Joe Borowski, he also had a WHIP of 1.42. Not to mention, he tossed nearly twice as many innings as strikeouts. Eeeeek, I don't want this guy closing for my favorite team, thank God I'm not a Tiger fan.

Prediction: In 2008, Todd Jones will still have over 35 saves, but not because he is a good closer, it's because the Tigers are a good team. Unlike fine wine, this closer has not gotten better with age, and he will continue to wear down next year, which I predict will be his last in MLB.

Transaction #3

Minnesota acquiring Craig Monroe from the Chicago Cubs

Date: Nov. 13

Analysis: It seems the Cubs are dumping some salary after last years enormous purge(which barely brought them into the playoffs), and the Minnesota Twins have just been duped. Being the Torii Hunter hater that I am, I still cannot see the logic behind bringing in a terrible player like Craig Monroe. Actually, maybe I can. Monroe is just a slightly lesser version of Torii Hunter at the plate, capable of hitting home runs, barely walking while striking out a lot, and getting on base below the average league rate. While he did hit 28 home runs in 2006, he has never walked more than 40 times in a season, while his career high in strikeouts is 126. Not sooooo good, if you ask this guy.

Prediction: The Twins will not make the playoffs next year, I have nothing positive to say about this transaction, except way to go Cubs.

Transaction #4

Phillies signing J.C. Romero to a 3 year contract extension

Date: Nov. 10

Analysis: Romero pitched wonderfully in Philadelphia, having his best showing since 2002 when he was with the Twins. In 51 appearances, he posted a 1.24 ERA, with a 1.10 ERA. While he doesn't have the track record to suggest he will sustain the success, the Phillies made a good move signing him to an extension at a relatively low price in today's game.

Prediction: While Romero won't pitch as well as he did this year, I expect he will perform well, with an ERA in the 2.50-2.90 range, while appearing in some 70+ games.

 Transaction #5

Giants signing Omar Vizquel to 1 year deal

Date: Nov. 9

Analysis: For a team that is trying to get younger, this was obviously not the best move. Vizquel is great with the glove, but his bat definitly should keep him out of the starting lineup next year. If anything, he should be used more as a mentor to the younger players, instead of playing everyday in the field. In all honesty, I am baffled by this move, and I have a huge man crush on Vizquel.

Prediction: Vizquel may improve his bat some next year, but he is not going to match his 2006 season. If they don't pick up his option for 2009, I expect him to retire.


Other Major News

Kenny Rogers ditches agent Scott Boras in what could turn out to be a huge bonehead move on his part. Seriously, he needs a genius like Boras to convince a team to pay him a decent salary. Actually, he just needs a stupid GM.

Japanese star Kosuke Fukudome declares for free-agency. Apparently, he is like Hideki Matsui, just not as good.


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