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Name: Anthony Joseph Paul "Tony" Reali

Born: July 4, 1978 in Staten Island, New York

Work: He is an American sports personality and television host, and the current host of Around the Horn on ESPN. He is also the ombudsman or "stat boy" on Pardon the Interruption.

Schooling and Early Years: He is a Marlboro, New Jersey native and graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, New Jersey. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Communications and History from Fordham University.

Pre-ESPN Career: Reali was a sportscaster for WFUV at Fordham University from 1997-2000 as the voice of football and men's basketball. He also hosted New York City's longest-running sports call-in program and was a beat reporter covering the Yankees, Mets, Giants, and Jets. In May 2000, he wrote for WPIX-TV of New York.

Career at ESPN:

PTI: Reali joined ESPN in 2000 as researcher/writer for ESPN's quiz show 2 Minute Drill. He later joined Pardon the Interruption in October 2001 as "Stat Boy", where his role was to correct and fact-check hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon at the end of every episode. Reali became so popular that he started appearing daily on Tony Kornheiser's radio show for a daily segment called "Preview the Interruption", in which he discussed what was going to happen on PTI later on that afternoon. After Reali became the host of Around the Horn and his popularity continued to rise, Kornheiser and Wilbon eventually started introducing him by his actual name instead of simply calling him "Stat Boy." On occasion, Kornheiser will add several ridiculous middle names when introducing him to poke fun at his long name. In addition to conducting his usual fact-checks, Reali now also judges Kornheiser and Wilbon when they play the game "Oddsmakers" on the show and introduces the topics for "Over/Under" and "Toss Up!" His quick rise at ESPN is attributable to Kornheiser's taking a liking to him.

Around the Horn:

In February 2004, Reali replaced Max Kellerman as the host of Around the Horn, the show that precedes PTI in the ESPN weekday schedule (he was guest host on Around the Horn six times and was a panelist six other times before becoming host). As host of Around The Horn, Reali awards points based upon the quality of the guests' comments and will deduct points or mute the guest when a nonsensical comment is provided, and award points when a panelist make a convincing argument, bold prediction, or amusing pop culture reference, all at his own discretion.

Tragedy: In the early hours of October 1, 2007, Reali's apartment was damaged by a fire, a fact which was acknowledged by Tony Kornheiser on Pardon the Interruption on October 1 and by Reali himself, along with the various correspondents, on Around the Horn on October 2. Jay Mariotti of Around the Horn, though, verified that, despite the fire, no one had been injured and no major property damaged.

March 1, 2011  10:28 AM ET

I read on youtube that Tony is the white guy in the Offsprings "pretty fly for a white guy".Watched it several times and it kind of looks like he might have looked in 1998.Anyone know if its true? Third comment down


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