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900p-00000000000-0-----Now that the Super Bowl is over and the Packers have been crowned as World Champs its time to now look to the off season and the draft.

 Here is my top 10 selections


1. Carolina Panthers- This really is a toss up between Fairley and Bowers. Most mock drafts have it swayed in Fairley's favor but only by a small margin. I think that the Panthers select Fairley and start to build a solid D line.

2. Denver Broncos- With Fairley gone the Broncos without a doubt draft Bowers. He is as dominating as a pass rusher as you will find in this draft and is an great athlete. He has been a tiny bit inconsistent but his size speed strength and performance this past season at Clemson is just too much for Denver to pass up on.

3. Buffalo Bills- Patrick Peterson. He is an elite CB and the best CB in the draft. The Bills really need help everywhere, he would provide an instant starter and would help on special teams KR/PR.

4. Cincinnati Bengals- As much as i don't wan't them to do this i know they will. Aj Green will be the taken by the Bengals 4th overall. He has the sized the speed and the hands to be an elite level WR. TO and Ocho may both be gone. (Who really knows with that managment).

5. Arizona Cardinals- Well since Luck decided to stay in school McShay and the rest of the scouts needed a new QB to hype and Blaine Gabbert is that QB. Do the Cardinals need a QB? Yes. Is Blaine Gabbert a good QB? Yes. Is he a top 5 pick? Hell no. The Cardinals need for a QB will force them to make this pick unless of course they can find a way to get Kevin Kolb from the Eagles, however i really don't see that happening the Eagles seem quite content to hold on to Kolb as the backup despite his big contract.

6. Cleveland Browns- Marcell Dareus DT from Alabama. This guy is just as good as Fairley and will be a great fit with the Browns.

7. San Fran 49ers- Von Miller OLB/DE from Texas A&M. This guy is a playmaker. A monster tackler and has great pass rush abilities. The 49ers need a QB but i don't think they take one here, probaley in the 2nd with guys like (Ponder, Locker, Dalton, Devlin) still potentially there.

8. Titans- They need a QB. VY is probaley gone and Rusty Smith and Kerry Collins aren't going to be the answer. They make a reach here and draft Jake Locker from Washington. Despite a bad season from Locker he still has great upside and potnetial. He has played in a pro style offense at Washington and is mobile. He should be like a Vince Young minus the attitude.

9. Cowboys- Prince Amukamura this is a done deal. They need O-Line help but thye can handle that through rounds 2-4. Amukamura is a rare talent and the Cowboys need secondary help bad.

10. Redskins- This will be interesting to see what they do here. They have a lot of needs at a lot of positions. At RB they aren't as bad as you think, Ryan Torain played very well, Keiland Williams played well and they have James Davis a RB from Clemson who is a very good player that hasn't gotten a chance due to injuries. I think they take WR Julio Jones from Alabama. Jones can drop a few passes but all in all he is a great WR and the Skins need a star WR.

February 10, 2011  11:13 AM ET

I always find these mocks interesting. Most of them have teams drafting players they really don't need in the first round. Cinncy, Buffalo, Washington, San Fran, and Tennessee will probably take a long look at the qb position and try to figure out what they need. I know that it is a mock so it is completely hypothetical.

February 10, 2011  05:03 PM ET

Without a doubt. All of those teams should be looking QB. However i really don't see a lot of top 10 QBs in this draft.

A majority of those teams you listed will most likely adress their QB situation in rounds 2-4. A lot of good QBs will still be available not to mention there are guys like Kolb, VY and others available or potentially avaliable.


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