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Just when you think the Browns have surprised you every way they can, Phil Dawson decides to pull one last trick.

Let's face it, unless you were a Baltimore fan on Sunday, you wanted that kick looked at because you knew it HAD to be good, right?  Turns out, the refs got the call right, much to my delight.  The Brownies went on to win the game in OT, and the Cinderella story that is Derek Anderson and the Cleveland Browns continued in glorious fashion.  With a Pitt loss to the Jets, the Browns return to exactly where they were last week.  Just one game back.

Time for some game by game analysis....

Texans 23, Saints 10 - Seems to me the Saints still can't decide if winning is their style or not, lucky for them they play in the NFC South.  This team could still get hot and win the division.  Houston?  Not so much.

Cardinals 35, Bengals 27 - Seriously, can the Bengals be this bad?  Apparently, plus the resurgence of Kurt Warner has helped the Cards shove themselves right into the play-off picture.  And that Antrel Rolle ain't bad either.

Bucs 31, Falcons 7 - This game should have been a shut-out, seriously.  Tampa's not great this year, but they may be good enough.  Also, what happened to that great Falcons D we've seen the last few weeks?

Browns 33, Ravens 30 (OT) - Seriously, what a great field goal.

Giants 16, Lions 10 - I still can't believe the Lions are a legit contender this year, that glaring 1-3 record against .500+ teams is a tad frightening.  Might as well kiss their division hopes goodbye if they lose on Thursday.

Eagles 17, Dolphins 7 - I still think Miami can go 0-16, even if John Beck turns into a half decent QB by years end.

Vikings 29, Raiders 22 - Who needs Adrian Peterson when they've got Chester Taylor?  Well, the Vikes do, unless a passing game shows up at some point.  And seriously, where is JaMarcus Russell?

Jaguars 24, Chargers 17 - The Chargers are like the Saints, I can't tell if their serious about contending or not.  Jacksonville on the other hand, may be hot on the Colts trail for the AFC South.

Packers 31, Panthers 17 - Are the Packers the NFC's best this year?  Guess we'll find out next week when they play the Cowboys in Dallas.  Unless of course, Dallas slips up against the Jets on Turkey Day.

Colts 13, Chiefs 10 - Admit it, this game wasn't the blowout you were expecting.  The Chiefs D is grade A good people, but that O is just seriously lacking.  Maybe Brodie Croyle can be the turnaround they need.

Jets 19, Steelers 16 (OT) - Obviously the upset of the week, where was that Pittsburgh team we saw demolish Baltimore a few weeks ago?

Rams 16, 49ers 9 - No one watched this game, so why talk about it?

Seahawks 30, Bears 23 - This was supposed to be a marquee match-up when the schedules came out.  Both teams are kind of duds now, but Seattle needed this win.

Cowboys 28, Redskins 23 - The Boys pulled out another big gutcheck win here.  The Skins have to be the best 5-5 team in football.

Patriots 56, Bills 10 - No one needs to talk about the Pats, we know how good they are by now.


Offensive Player of the Week - Randy Moss/Terrell Owens (Tie) - Ah, just like the good ole days.

Defensive Player of the Week - Antrell Rolle - Three picks of one of the leagues elite is a good day in my book


My Monday Night Pick

Titans 28, Broncos 17 


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