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As I watch the latest developments in the National Football League's ongoing soap opera that political correctivists would like to call collective bargaining, I think to who is going to be affected if in fact there is a work stoppage or part of the 2011 season is lost due to the owners' and players' inability to figure out how to divide roughly $10 billion worth of revenue.

I'm not talking about players, owners, and even fans to some extent, but all the peripheral jobs that will be placed on hold: the stadium vendors, truck drivers, bread delivery men, beer delivery men, stadium security, front office phone people, stadium cleanup crew. When I think of how those people would be affected by an impending labor stoppage, I have just one message for the NFL, its owners and its players.

Read your history, stupid.

This isn't about just you, you overpaid babies (that goes for owners too). I was a junior in high school when major league baseball went on strike. Wanna know how that turned out? It took fans almost a decade to come back in the record numbers the sport enjoyed pre-strike. The NFL is at its peak of popularity. It has arguably overtaken baseball as our national pasttime. Do owners and players really want to throw all that away, because if they do I would be more than comfortable attending a TCU game right here in Fort Worth, Texas. Baseball only listened when the fans did not come flocking back once the non-replacement players took the field. The beautiful thing about American sports is that there are enough of them to hold our attention if we become dissatisfied with some of them.

NFL, you have been warned. Take the shaft you've been giving us and stick it somewhere else.

Coming next: The merits of a rookie wage scale, and why it won't matter for most players. 



February 14, 2011  11:47 PM ET

the owners and players don't care about you and me. they don't care about the fans in the stadium or the people at home watching games sunday afternoons. it's all about money to each side and they are betting when all is said and done - regardless if there is a season next year or not, we will all come back once this is settled and cheer for our teams. and.... they are probably correct. this league splits about $9 billion a year and after teams get their cut for expenses, the rest is split 60% players and 40% owners. the owners want a bigger share..... as if they aren't wealthy enough and the players don't want to give a dime. and there is talk of an 18 game season to complicate things. this thing looks like a lockout is unstoppable. let's just hope it gets worked out by summer so us little people can enjoy our sunday afternoons and the people that depend on these games for their income aren't affected by all this greed.


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