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I thought for the next blog on the "Light Side" I'd take a literary twist to make things fun. Don't be offended if I didn't write about you....or for that matter if I did and it wasn't that good. It's all in good fun so enjoy. As always, you input and suggestions are appreciated. Okay, fire away...

Oso can't wait for the critics reviews 

There is a user named Tracy

Her avatar is sweet n' Lacy

But mess with her Pats

She'll claw like 10 Cats

And rearrange your Facey

Don't mess with Tracy's Pats!

There's a Bronco fan in Iraq

Who says SEC's all whack

His new group's da light side

All enemies go run n' hide

In April we pray he'll comeback


There is a Fan from Motown

Who wins many a Throwdown

He is Mario all during the week

He knows his left n' right cheek

With EF he often has a Showdown

Funky Mario Bros.

There's a user who asks "What the EFF?"

He dices the Eagles like a sous chef

If you say Bulger's overrated

Prepare to be cheese grated

Of his opponents not much is left.


There was on FN user like Art Monk

Who said Billy Boys tactics were bunk

He's a fan of the Skins

Has over 200 TD wins

To him all challengers are a skunk

Boomer as Cartman Cat


There's a fan of all things Phila.

Who thinks Phils and Sixers da thrilla.

He says, "Get ridda Reid"

He gets top tourney seed

Then makes your arguments Vanilla


There's a FanNation professor in Lou'sana

He's an enourmously avid Tarheel Fanna

He loves Panthers of Carolina

His TDs' ll give you a shiner

And arguments'll drop you on yer canna

You cannot impress History Professor 

In Beantown there was a fan

Who annoys everyone he can

He's enamored with the Hoodie

N'er bigger a homer there could be

His verbal diar.rh.ea needs brain bran



There's a B-Ball fan of the Dawg Pound

He's a fan of the hip hop sound

His Avatar is Dry Bones

So many users he pwns

His throwdowns put them in the ground

EF Pwns you



There was a fan of the Steel Curtain

Who won 3 straight tourneys for certain.

Her profile is Casa de Cassidy

She'll tell you quite placidly

That your sad sack argument is hurtin'


There was a user named Krobe

Of every user he would probe

‘Cause if they're cheating

Da Mods they'd be greeting

Then banned all over the globe

Busted by Krobe ;)



There is a DC Redskins fanatic

His team's devotion is dramatic

His love of Taylor's on the border

Of a temporary restraining order

But his sports wisdom's Socratic


We all know a fan of Brady

She's a fiecre Throwdown Lady

Don't mess with her Colts

She'll throw lightning bolts

And make you sound so shady

Lana has you beat

So, again, let's hear your input. Who'd I miss? I'm working on a few more. Hence the "Part 1" of the title. These were the ones I could think of while I was in a Rip Van Winkle Boring training yesterday. Now really I don't care what you think (okay maybe just a little) because I had a Presidential focus group, and G Dub told me this:

Dubbuya LOLed

Then again I heard him ask Cheney this question:

G Dub confused


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