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Today's blog is short and hopefully sweet... 

Both the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys play on Thanksgiving Day. Green Bay travels over state lines into Michigan to play division rival and Turkey Day regular; the Detroit Lions. I think everyone knows what the Jets were able to do this past week. They played the role of a nat that just wouldnt go away, only that time, the Jets jumped up and bit the Steelers for a win in OT. That is the team the Cowboys will have to face, but it will be in Big D.

Both teams are 9-1. The Packers are atop the NFC North with a three game lead over the Lions. The Cowboys are the leaders of the NFC East with a two game lead over the New York Giants. The Packers have defeated teams with a combined record of 43-47. The Cowboys, a combined record of 42-48.

By the time these two teams meet in Week 13, both could easily be 10-1, and the game they play in Dallas could decide who gets full home field advantage in the playoffs. Both will more than likely be the two top seeded teams, and having home field advantage in the NFC Title Game if(and I'd say when) they meet would be huge.

A game in Dallas to me means that it probably will be a high scoring affair. At home, the Cowboys have put up 31.8 PPG, and their opponents have put up 25.4 PPG. They allowed 45 to the Giants in their first game of the season, 48 to the Patriots in a loss, and then 23 to division rival Redskins. Dallas has the 2nd overall offense in the NFL, while the Packers rank in at 4th.

Tony Romo and Brett Favre will be the main attraction. Both Romo and Favre are some the best in any passing category this season. Romo is 3rd in Passer Rating while Favre is 5th. Favre is 2nd in Passing Yards while Romo is 3rd. Romo is 2nd for Passing Touchdowns and Favre is 5th.

Granted, both teams have talented defenses. The Cowboys have the 9th overall defense in the NFL while the Packers are 12th. But this is a game where defense might not be a showcase. DeMarcus Ware will be coming off the edge to pressure Favre. Guys like Woodson and Harris will be jamming the Cowboy WR's. KGB and Kampman will try and take their shots at the shifty Romo. Roy Williams will lay the lumber to someone but also forget to cover his man. A usual thing for both teams. But this game is still shaping up for a game that the two teams combine for at least 60 points.

Neither team are all that great at pass defense or in forcing turnovers. The OC for both teams should be dialing up the pass for the majority of the game. You can gameplan all you like, but the when the Cowboys have faced a team that is pass happy they've gotten burned. Green Bay has only faced one team with a lot of passing capabilities in the offense and that was in Week 2 against the Giants; a game they won 35-13.

They'll get their test on Thanksgiving Day against Jon Kitna and the Lions. This game will foreshadow what we can expect from the Packer defense in Week 13. If you want to know what the Packers might throw at Tony Romo, watch the game at noon on FOX.

Looking ahead to Week 13, I can come up with a few conclusions. The winner of that game will more than likely have home field advantage throughout the playoffs leading to the Super Bowl. That game will shed some light on who exactly is the front runner in the NFC, and who might have the best chance at dethroning the AFC and winning a Super Bowl. If you want to be more specific, who will have a shot at taking down the Patriots.

You dont have to be a Packers or a Cowboys fan, because I;m not a fan of either team(Da Bears!). You just have to be a football fan. I cant wait to see Al Harris or Charles Woodson crowd the line of scrimmage directly in front of T.O. and "attempt" to jam him. I cant wait to see KGB fly off the edge and take a shot at Tony Romo. I cant wait to see Ware or Williams blow up the run game of the Packers. I cant wait to see Brett Favre throw his arms up and jump into the arms of one of his offensive linemen.

I cant wait until Packers @ Cowboys.

Oh, you want a prediction? Ok, I'm sorry...

Packers-30 Cowboys-38


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