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I went 16-4 and I am 69-18 overall.  Here were my picks:

USC vs. Arizona State- USC- It will be a good game to watch and a close finish.- Correct

Arkansas vs. LSU- LSU- It will not be as close as some think.  This team has fallen apart and LSU is playing to make a statement now.-Incorrect- big loss for LSU.

Texas vs. Texas A& M- Texas- I would love an upset but cannot pick a team with a coach and team that is so inconsistent.-Incorrect- Texas finally showing their life on the edge does not work.

Boise State vs. Hawaii- Boise State- Should a close game and allot of points.  Great game to watch if you love offense and no defense. Reality comes for Hawaii...- Incorrect- Great game.

VT vs. Virginia- VT- This will be a great game with two improved teams.  I think it is a coin flip but I will go with VT.- Correct

BC vs. Miami- BC- BC is not a NC team but a decent team.  They should win easily.- Correct

SFlorida vs. Pitt- SF - SF has to win this to salvage anything from this season.- Correct

Maryland vs. NC State- Maryland- Should be an ugly game to watch.- Correct

Tennessee vs. Kentucky (upset pick)- Kentucky- Kentucky at home and trying to save a season with 8 wins will give them an edge over an over confident Tenn. team who has openly said the defense at Kentucky is a joke and the QB is the only threat.  True or not it will light a fire at home.- Incorrect- I was close.

UTEP vs. UCF- UCF- Decent team and a solid season. Great RB...- Correct

West Virginia vs. Connecticut- West Virginia-  It will not be as close as many think.  West Virginia is my pick for the NC game against LSU.- Correct

Georgia vs. Georgia Tech- Georgia- Geat rivalry and the dawg defense has finally shown up.  Should be a fun game for dawg fans for their 10th win.- Correct- Great finish.

Oregon vs. UCLA- UCLA (upset pick)- This would be a major upset pick but with the loss of their QB; a close game.- Correct- they are not the same without their QB.

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State- Oklahoma- close game.-Correct

NCarolina vs. Duke- North Carolina- NC will be a good team in the future.- Correct

Kansas State vs. Fresno State- Fresno State- Not pretty to watch...Correct

Florida vs. Florida State- Florida- Now that FSU is running their mouths about hurting Tebow.. the gators will blow them out.- Correct

Clemson vs. South Carolina- Clemson- SC has lost the passion and desire and totally fallen apart.  It will be a decent game but a loss for the "old ball coach".- Correct

Alabama vs. Auburn- Auburn- Both teams have issues but the Tides last loss will give them a passion for this game.  I do think Auburn has the edge but it will be a great game to watch.- Correct

Game of the week: 

Kansas vs. Misouri- (upset pick) Missouri- Yes, I still pick the team I said would win the big 12 this summer.  It will be an exciting game and a coin flip.  If KU wins they have a real shot at LSU.  If Missouri wins they have an outside shot but a real shot at a BCS game.  This is the season for both teams.- Correct




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