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Hello, fellow FanGeeks!

Shamelessly tailgating on a new tradition that Cassidy began, I thought it would be interesting to interview various members of the Women R Us group. Here's my interview with Cassidy.

Kari: So, Cass, how do you earn your money?

Cassidy: I make money as a member service rep for a medical benefits brokerage.

Kari: What three things do you never leave home without?

Cassidy: Never leave home without your keys, wallet, or clothes on your back.


Kari: What's on your iPod right now?

Cassidy: I don't own an iPod. I have a Sony Walkman that straps around my arm so I can workout with it.

Kari: Finish this sentence. I stay home to watch...

Cassidy: I stay home to watch sports.

Kari: Have you ever played organized sports?

Cassidy: I played soccer and softball growing up.

Kari: Finish this sentence. If I had a million dollars, I'd...

Cassidy: If I had a million dollars I would find a way to live off the interest.

Kari: Finish this sentence. If I had three wishes, I'd wish for...

Cassidy: Three wishes of mine are love, hope, and happiness in no particular order.

Kari: What cliche do you think has some value as far as life advice?

Cassidy: Patience is a virtue.


Kari: If you had one mulligan in life, what would you use it for?

Cassidy: My mulligan would be for my first marriage-like a hooked drive onto the wrong course, IT NEVER HAPPENED!

Kari: If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow, what would you spend today doing?

Cassidy: If I knew the world would be over tomorrow I would spend the entire day today in prayer.

Kari: What's your best quality?

Cassidy: My best quality is my tenacity.


Kari: What's your worst quality?

Cassidy: My worst quality is stubbornness.

Kari: What was your worst job ever?

Cassidy: My worst job ever was a waitress-the tips never matched the men's flapping lips.

Kari: If you could pick any four people to attend any sporting event with, who would they be and where would you go?

Cassidy: My foursome to go to a sporting event would be mom and dad, brother and sister.

Kari: The one thing about others I have a hard time dealing with is...

Cassidy: The one thing about others I have a hard time dealing with is often they do not see things the right way-my way.

Kari: One thing I've learned in life that I want people to know is...

Cassidy: One thing in life I have learned I want all people to know is you were put on this earth to be selfless-do for others before you do for you.


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