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Im going to start off by saying that as a Celtic basketball fan, I'm going to miss Perkins. He provided that defensive intensity and toughness only surpassed by KG.

He was the enforcer.

He was the sheriff.

If anyone touched Rajon Rondo, he would be there in an instant, defending his point guard and no tech could slow him down.

He personified Celtic basketball.

He will be missed.

Alright, now that the emotional stuff is out of the way, lets get to the technical stuff.

I have mixed feeling on this trade.

On one hand, Danny Ainge traded away an integral part of the Celtics title chances this year. These next upcoming years are almost certainly the last of an intact Big Three and this years team seemed to have that fire necessary to win the title. With Perk, they matched up well with the Magic, as he could guard Howard one on one. Perk also helped with the length of the Lakers. Garnett and Perkins was probably the best combination in the league to deal with Gasol and Bynum.

Ainge traded away the anchor.

THe deal looks especially bad when the Cs have virtually no healthy centers right now. The O'Neals are both very inconsistent and wildcards because of injury. They traded Erden. The only real frontcourt presence on this team besides Garnett is Big Baby Davis, and he undersized to guard centers.

They got Krctic (sp?), but he is DEFINITELY not the defender or rebounder that Perk is.

Ainge seriously endangered one of the only title chances for this squad.

On the other hand...

There were serious issues with Perkins' future in Boston. Coming off ACL surgery his health was in question. Also, when Summer comes around, Perkins will be an unrestricted free agent, and there arent really any good centers on the market. Perkins would draw a significant price on the open market, possibly something the Celtics could not afford. Plus, with the trade of Perk, the Cs can invest more in Big Baby, also a free agent.

The point is, the Celtics got some good value in return for Perkins.

Krstic is serviceable, if not spectacular and provides some offensive output, and he can fill some of the void of Perkins absence.

Another thing overlooked is the Celtics extracted the Clippers' 1st round pick in the 2012 draft (it is lottery protected, but it's the Clippers were talking about, the pick has alot of value. It has the potential to be in the 4-7 range), something that bodes well for the future.

The biggest part of the deal, although was Jeff Green. Green has been on the Celtics radar for sometime now, drafted By the Celtics, but then traded in the Ray Allen deal. Green is a good player. A versatile 3 with range, he has put up solid number in his last couple of years. He is only 24 years old and has a bright future.

With him and the pick, Ainge has tried to ease the transition of the Big Three moving on. With a future core of Rondo, Davis and Green, the Cs could definitely be an attractive option for free agents.

That is why I think ultimately Ainge made this trade. He did not want to commit a longtime contract on Perk, because in 2012, Dwight Howard will be a free agent and both Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett's contracts will be up, providing ample cap space for a max type contract (if it exists under the new CBA).

That, I think, is Ainge's ultimate plan, to make a bid for Howard.

Either way, I have mixed feelings about this deal in general.

February 26, 2011  02:26 PM ET

interesting, i have never thought of howard in a celtics uni

i did like perk and now that hes gone im not gonna bash him or anything but i do think the celtics were not going to resign him and we desperately needed depth behind pierce and i always liked green

i read in the paper that the C's were like 38-10 with out perk and 12-8 with him (idk if those numbers are right or even make sense) so, once again im not here to bash perk, but the C's proved they can play and win without perk

i think in the end the trades will not damage the celtics title hopes

February 26, 2011  02:55 PM ET

i think in the end the trades will not damage the celtics title hopes

I think that depends alot on where Troy Murphy signs.

February 26, 2011  09:53 PM ET

I thought this trade was stupid for the Celtics when I first heard it, and I still feel that way. Their biggest adavtage (size) is now gone.

How are they going to deal with Dwight Howard and/or the Lakers Twin towers+Lamar Odom?

Dumb trade, and it will come back to bite them.

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February 27, 2011  11:45 AM ET

You could have argued the TD I had with RSP waaaaay better....

February 27, 2011  11:45 AM ET

Perk did turn down a 4yr $30 million extension. And Davis was getting more crunch time minutes than Perkins too. KG can guard just about any 4-5 in the league, and one of the O'Neals should be able to give them minutes (along with Krstic) in the playoffs.That said, the Celtics have more versatility with Green (can play the wing or even the 4). Pierce won't have to spend all his energy chasing the LeBron's and Carmelo's of the league.Plus Green is a RFA after this season, giving the Celtics a good chance of keeping him beyond this season.

Agree. KG will see time at the 5.


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