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Lebron James may in some opinions went about leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers the wrong way . So there has been this strong dislike or hatred for him all season , enough already . He like any other free agent in baseball like Reggie Jackson in his day , A-Rod , CC Sabathia , Mark Teixera , joined the Yankees , or LT , Cromartie , Jason Taylor , or Holmes leaving teams to join the Jets , or Wilt Chamberlain leaving the 76'ers to join the Lakers to win championships . These players were free agents and some forced trades  like Carmelo Anthony , now Melo is loved because he went back home to play with Amarie and a potential championship team . Look how long some of them played on teams that couldn't get over the hump and left their organizations and still couldn't win it all , Charles Barkley for one when he left the 76'ers then the Suns for Houston . Doesn't matter what sport it is since the dawn of free agency players have left teams that drafted them for greener pastures and Lebron James is no different than Shaq who left Orlando for LA and won 3 championships then 1 in Miami . You play professional sports for the love of the game and the hardware . Not for the if I could have should have left Cleveland . He made a decision like those in the past and the ones to come in the future who wil join forces with other great players to win and set records like the 1972 Lakers 33 wins in a row and a championship . Sorry sports fans the Ernie Banks days of playing with a losing team your entire career and not winning a ring is over thanks to Curt Flood sports fans .       

March 2, 2011  04:19 PM ET

No player in the history of sports ever had a television show devoted to his impending move, never,,, ever. Bad move by Lebron, very egotistical. Anyone who saw his last loss in the playoffs and his angrily taking off his jersey , firing it into the crowd before entering the tunnel display knew he wasn't going back to Cleveland. I understand his going to Miami and don't have a problem with that. Here's my problem, Ewing would have never gone to play with Jordan to get a ring, Bird go play with Magic? and so on. He was "The Man" in Cleveland, I even forgot they were the Cavs, I thought they were the Cleveland Lebrons. By going and joining up with Wade and Bosh it almost seems like defeat, like if you can't beat them join them kind of thing.

March 2, 2011  08:21 PM ET

I don't think it is so much the fact that Lebron left Cleveland...but the way he went about it. I would hope he would do it differently if he ever got the chance.

March 3, 2011  11:47 AM ET

Big thanks again for removing 5&6 selling sports gear instead of giving his sports opinion.

March 3, 2011  01:08 PM ET

Lebron is a ****. Period

March 3, 2011  01:10 PM ET

Lebron is a ****. Period

I'll rephrase.... Lebron deserves the hatred. He earned it...him and his ENORMOUS ego


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