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In a new weekly blog, I (Coletrain) will just write about the hottest rumors around baseball and how they would effect the teams and players. The Hot Stove never shuts off, as plenty of rumors about every team keep getting whispered around the baseball universe. Before I begin, let me send my thoughts and prayers to Joe Kennedy's family. The 28 year old pitcher died this morning while at home with his family. The cause of death has not been released yet. RIP, Joe.

Reds In Serious Talks in Cordero-


Francisco Cordero and the Reds are involved in talking about a 4 year deal that might go up to $42 million. The Reds have needed a closer for a few years now and Cordero is the best free agent option, since Mo has decided to re-sign with the Yanks. Many teams have been interested in Cordero, but the Reds appear to be the frontrunner. It would no question be a great pick-up. The Reds bullpen is old and depleted. Dave Weathers isn't the guy you want closing out games if you want to contend. The bullpen is the biggest weakness for the Reds and locking Cordero up would help greatly. If the Reds do sign Cordero, Weathers could move into a set-up role, which would be better for everyone.

Royals Going For Right Handed Pop In Guillen-

Jose Guillen

"Obviously, our objective remains the same," general manager Dayton Moore said. "We do want to acquire a right-handed bat to hit in the middle of our order, and we'll keep working through every opportunity imaginable."

Those are the words of Royals GM Dayton Moore. He was serious last year when the Royals came out of nowhere to sign Meche to a huge contract. The Royals pitching is starting to come together, but the hitting has been awful. That is where Jose Guillen comes in. Guillen has his share of problems. His attitude, he strikesout alot, and he isn't great on D. But for the Royals, a team that could use any sort of pop, he will have to do. Kansas City made a real push toward Torii Hunter, but the Angels got to him first. The last big free agent OF the Royals got, Reddie Sanders, didn't turn out good. But Reggie was old and always injuried.

Johan A Red Sox? Maybe...- Read Here. There's everything you need to know about this potentially huge trade. The story and all the comments.

The Angels Getting a Piece Of That 2002 WS Championship Team Back?- Since Cabrera is gone(traded to the White Sox for Jon Garland) the Angels need a SS. So, why not David Eckstein? While I don't think he's as good as Cabrera, he would fit perfectly with the team. Hell, he's already played there and obviously helped them win that WS. Alot of teams have talked about Eckstein, including the Mets. The Angels need a SS in the worst way, so Eckstein would make sense. I'm still surprised the Cards are letting him go rather easily.

Clement and Colon In Arizona? It's a possibility. Livan Hernandez is gone so the D-Backs need at least one more pitcher. But those 2 options aren't looking good. Clement has fallen off the face of the earth ever since going to Boston and bombing. And Bartolo Colon is old, pretty big, and still hasn't had arm surgury, which might be his best option now. The D-Backs have no money to spend, so they will have to try and find another hidden gem. The problem is neither of these guys are as solid or as dependable as Hernandez.

Yankees Once Again Looking At Ron Mahay- The last time the Yankees had a solid lefty in the pen, Mike Stanton, was during the 1990s dynasty. Ever since then, they haven't been able to find a shut-down specialist. From Felix Heredia to Mike Myers, nothing as worked out. Mahay is nothing special. He's a 36 year old spot pitcher who used to be a scrub. But he's pretty good. Had an ERA in the mid 2s last year and maybe, just maybe, he could give the Yankees a left handed pitcher that can actually get big leftys out(cough, David Ortiz, cough).

Phillies Need A 3B. Scott Rolen Is A 3B...- The Cardinals aren't gonna be asking much for him. He's getting old, he's pretty beat up, he has a big contract, and he was never the biggest fan of La Russa. At the same time, the Phillies need a 3B in the worst way. Wes Helms? No thank you. Rolen might be reborn on a new team and hitting in that park would no doubt improve his production. The Phillies could afford him and the Cardinals won't be asking much for him at all. There is no 3B in the market, so Rolen might be the best way to go.

Now...some minor rumors:

Cubs Might Go For Kaz Matsui- They really don't need that. They could use some more pitching. They already have DeRosa. What's the point of getting another hitter? The Cubs batting is good enough for now. Get some pen help.

Red Sox Gamble On Kerry Wood- Why not? He won't cost much and he'll have a great upside. I would give him a 1 year deal. The Red Sox have nothing to lose. Hey, he's gotta be better than Gagne.

Brewers Jumping In The Catchers Pool- Kendall is their first choice. Or at least it seems that way. They have not expressed that much interest in Barrett or Lo Duca. I'm on the fence with Kendall. He has no power and his D has been on the decline. But he always plays and he could hit for a very decent AVG.

Mets Eyeing Haren, Blanton, and Garza- The Mets might not have the prospects to get them. They should try to get one of those guys. The rotation is old and shallow. The bullpen is a different story. That's just a mess.

Padres Could Deal For Jim Edmonds- That could work out for both the Padres or Cardinals. The Padres need hitting. No matter how much Edmonds would actually help, he would be something. The Cardinals could get some good prospects and start to get younger, which is something they need to start doing.

That's all. Thanks for reading.


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