It bothers me when the same teams win championships over and over. As such, I will be rooting hard against Duke, North Carolina, and Kansas during March Madness. These are the last three Madness champs, and I hope none of them gets near the title this year. I fear they will--as they often do--but sure hope they don't.

The tournament's allure is not about predictable teams winning as Duke did last year. The intrigue is about the upstart teams from non-powerhouse leagues who rise up and beat the big-name schools. Wouldn't it have been much more satisfying had Butler's last second bank shot went in last year in the title game so they could have won for the first time in school history? It would have been the greatest ending to a championship game of any sport ever. And the storybook ending would not have been more perfect. Little school in Indiana--that most of the nation had hardly heard of--going all the way to the National Title game and knocking off Duke. Perfect storyline. Exquisite finale.

Instead, Duke won. This bored and bothered me and I imagine many other people. The same school winning all the time seems unfair. Joyous celebrations should be spread around to as many people and teams as possible. Granted, Duke deserved to win because the had the higher score at the end of the game. But as soon as that Butler last-second shot missed I turned off the TV. Seeing the same set of alumni get to enjoy all the fun festivities of winning a championship is not my cup of tea. Duke won and the story wasn't compelling. It was expected, predictable, annoying, and no fun, except for the over-spoiled Duke community that has enjoyed four national championships under Coach K during the two decades.

I'm rooting against Carolina, too, even though I believe Roy Williams is one of the nicest of all college coaches, as well as the one of the most competent. Carolina has won the title three times--that's enough for one school. Kansas has won a title also, just three years ago. If they win, there will be no intrigue. Like Duke and Carolina, Kansas has a slew of High School McDonald's All Americans on its team. They're supposed to be great and win it all.

The tournament's magic is when things happen that aren't supposed to. I've heard Belmont is one of best teams in the field of 64 that almost no one has seen play. Go Belmont. Be this year's Butler. Shock the world by making it to the title game. And win it all. Finish the story that Butler began to tell last year. Hey Jimmer Fredette: Shoot your bomb jumpers all the way to the National Title Game. Show the world that you are the best shooter the college game has ever seen and that your team, BYU, is the best in the nation. Create one shining moment the whole country can enjoy and will never forget.



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