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Tim Tebow, quarterback at the University of Florida, broke his right hand against Florida State last night. Luckily, Tebow is left-handed and he should only have a cast on his right hand for two weeks. Last night against Florida State was the Gator's last game before their New Year's Bowl game. Therefore, Tebow should be out of his cast by their next game.

The broken hand wasn't apparent during the game as Tebow threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for 2 more. The fracture occured during his second touchdown run that happened in the third quarter. Team doctors examined and tested his hand, but Tebow kept on plying and finished the game.

Tebow has made a strong case for the Heisman and could become the first sophomore to ever win the prestigious award. As most of you know, Tim is the first Divison I-A player to ever have at least 20 passing and 20 rushing touchdowns in a single season. He also tied the record for most rushing touchdowns in a single season by a quarterback with 22. That mark also breaks the record for the most rushing touchdowns in a single season by any SEC player. That surpasses great runners such as Shaun Alexander, Herschel Walker, and Bo Jackson. Tebow has added up a total of 51 touchdowns and he accounts for around 72% of Florida's yards and touchdowns.

There are some other compelling cases for he Heisman such as Chase Daniel, Pat White, Darren McFaddden, and Dennis Dixon, who still has a chance despite being injured. Chase Daniel, Missouri's quarterback, led his team to an important victory over the Kansas Jayhawks. Daniel went 40 for 49 and totaled 361 yards with an addition of 3 touchdowns. Pat White has led West Virginia to a great season and played extremely well against Uconn. White ran for 186 yards and 2 touchdowns then passed for 107 and 1 touchdown, thus leading the  Mountaineers to a whopping 66-21 win over the Huskies. McFadden led his Arkansas Hogs to an upset over the then number one seeded LSU Tigers in a nerve racking game that went into a third overtime.  Dennis Dixon was having a stellar season until a tragic injury sidelined him for the rest of the season, but some might say it has even helped his case since Oregon is struggling so much without him. The Ducks were recently shut out by UCLA.

Now let's take a look at the stats of my top 5:

1. Tim Tebow - Quarterback - Florida
Passing Yards: 3,135
Passing Touchdowns: 29
Interceptions: 6
Completion Percentage: 69%
Rushing Yards: 838
Rushing Touchdowns: 22
Reasoning: Tebow is the heart and soul of the Gators. Although the Gators have many playmakers, Tebow is the one that does the msot work. He accounts for 72% of their yards and touchdowns. Although the Gators have three losses none of them have been Tebow's fault. He has been stellar in every aspect in every game. His only less than unbelievable game was against Georgia when he was struggling with a right shoulder injury. No other player has outperformed Tebow and it is a shame if he doesn't win because he is a sophomore.

2. Chase Daniel - Quarterback - Missouri
Passing Yards: 3,951
Passing Touchdowns: 33
Interceptions: 9
Completion Percentage: 71%
Rushing Yards: 258
Rushing Touchdowns: 3
Reasoning: Daniel has been an amazing passer all season and he has lead Missouri to their best ranking since 1960. He was nearly perfect against Kansas yesterday and led his team to the upset. He is the best player on this team and is unquestionably the main reason for Missouri's surprising season. He brought his team into the national spotlight and a good chance of reaching the National Championship. In Missouri's only loss, which was against Oklahoma, Chase threw for 361 yards, one touchdown, two interceptions, and he completed nearly 80% of his passes.

3. Pat White - Quarterback - West Virginia
Passing Yards: 1,498
Passing Touchdowns: 12
Interceptions: 4
Completion Percentage: 69%
Rushing Yards: 1,149
Rushing Touchdowns: 14
Reasoning: White has done well as a dual threat quarterback and he has excelled at the option. After losing ou South Florida their title hopes seemed to have died, but in this upset riddled season anyone can fight back in and White and the Mountaineers have done that. White is at number 3 and not any higher because the players above him deserve it more since their rosters are not as talented as West Virginia is, yet Daniel and Tebow have thrived.

4. Darren McFadden - Runningback - Arkansas
Rushing Yards: 1,725
Rushing Touchdowns: 15
Receiving Yards: 164
Receiving Touchdowns: 1
Reasoning: McFadden is most likely the most skilled player in the nation and definitely the best runner. However, he has not performed as well and he hasn't been able to carry his team. Although he carried his team to a victoy over the previous #1, LSU. McFadden was one of the favorites to win the Heisman before the season and despite having a good season has been a disappointment because of all of the hype.  In 3 of Arkansas' 4 losses McFadden ran for over 100 yards. The only one he didn't was when he was shut down by Auburn's potent difference and ran for just 43 yards.

5. Dennis Dixon - Quarterback - Oregon
Passing Yards: 2,136
Passing Touchdowns: 20
Intercepions: 4
Completions Percentage: 68%
Rushing Yards: 583
Rushing Touchdowns: 9
Reasoning: Dixon was the leader for a good part of the season, but he was injured in the first quarter of Oregon's game against Arizona. Dixon was having a spectacular season and he was leading the Ducks to a possible National Championship berth. In the only game Oregon has played without Dixon they were shut out by UCLA. So far without Dixon the Ducks have scored only 2 touchdowns and one field goal and they have lost both games.


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