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Yeah, I know, I stole the name from a TV show. Sorry, I'm not very creative. Well, anyways, this is a blog about random things about sports that I found surprising. This includes all sports, but most of the time it won't include a good amount of sports. Okay, let's get this started.

Alright, I found this one in a Red Sox fan's blog. It was about the Red Sox trading to get Johan Santana. He said we should give up John Lester, Coco Crisp, Dustin Pedroia, Andrew Pickney, and Justin Masterson. Then he stated out pitching rotation, starting nine, bench, and bullpen. First of all, why would the Red Sox ever trade Dustin Pedroia? Pedroia was a stud throughout the season and he won Rookie of the Year. He performed well in the playoffs including the World Series, which he played in with a broken hand. Do we really want to trade a young stud with incredible toughness? No, I don't think so. He also said that we should be willing tot rade anyone but Beck, Big Papi, Paps, Jacoby, and Buccholz. He left out players such as Hideki Okajima, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Kevin Youkilis, Mike Lowell, and Manny Ramirez. We want to keep all of these guys because they are team players that want to win, well maybe except Manny I'm not completely sure about him, but Manny is a really good player.

This was inspired by another blog made by an educated person who's name is TREY51169. It was about the college football rankings. He is a clear SEC homer who thinks any non-SEC team could win a single game in the conference. A direct quote from the blog is "WTF is up with Missori or however you spell it is TERRIBLE..." and that is just the beginning! How old is this TREY person? I am 14 and I write in a respectable manner, this person must be 10 or else he needs much more maturity. Does anyone else think fannation should have something where you can request to kick someone off of the site? They just have to make sure that no one makes too many names and votes to get rid of someone. They could force you to have proof that they don't deserve to be on this site. Oh and by the way, isn't there a minimum age for this site? Boycott TREY51169! Keep fannation respectable!

This has nothing to do with any blog or any truth and rumor. As a mater of fact, it isn't even something that happened that recently. The Red Sox signed two players, Curt Schilling and Mike Lowell, for less than other teams offered them. Curt and Mike both passed up more money and more years to sign with the Sox. Apparently it isn't all about the money for everyone after all. It's good to know that there are still players with loyalty in sports. This also shows that players enjoy Boston and how fun it is to play there. Maybe this could make players more lenient to the Red Sox. Actually, no, it won't, unfortunately. Most players care more about money than environment and fans. *Cough, cough* Johnny Damon *cough, cough*.

Wait a minute, just hold on. People think the Steelers will beat the Patriots? The Steelers? The team that lost to the Jets? The Steelers are not playing well on the road, especially Willie Parker. That is a huge blow because the Steelers are known as a run first team. So far this season, the Steelers have lost to the Jets on the road, nearly (and should have) lost to the Browns on the road, and they lost to the Broncos in Denver. Now they go to face a team much better than the Browns, Broncos, and Jets and the game is in New England. Maybe those of you who think this is the Patriots loss, think again.


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